15-Piece Big Easy Accessory Kit - Model 8456885

Model # 8456885

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Essential accessory kit includes some of the most popular Big Easy cooking accessories. More info »
All items in this kit are compatible with The Big Easy Oil-Less Turkey Fryer and The Big Easy 2-in-1 Electric Smoker
All items in this kit fit the Big Easy Hinged Basket.
All items are dishwasher-safe.

Easy-Load Kabob Holder
  • Holds 8 kabobs upright in your Big Easy cooker - no cooking basket required.
  • Simply load the skewers with your favorite meats and veggies, stand them in the custom-designed rack and lower them into your cooker.

    Leg Racks
  • Specially designed for cooking legs or wings in The Big Easy® Infrared Cooker.
  • Hang up to 12 legs or wings for cooking at one time.
  • Set of 2 racks set into place easily with no tools required.

    Easy-Out Rib Hooks
  • Set of 4 hooks hold rib slabs up to 11" in length inside the cooking basket.
  • Ribs are ready to enjoy in as little as 45 - 60 minutes.
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