Attaching Your Propane Tank to Your Grill

Getting ready to grill for the first time? Here’s how to get your propane tank on the grill. Remember all grills vary, so check your manual first.
  1. Make sure the gas valve on the propane tank is closed first—just turn the valve clockwise to a full stop.
  2. Also make sure all the knobs on your grill are turned to off.
  3. Remove the seal from the propane tank. Always use the cap and strap supplied with the valve.
  4. Hold the gas hose and regulator and insert the nipple into the valve.
  5. Tighten the coupling nut with your hands. Make sure the connection isn’t cross threaded. Don’t use tools to tighten.
  6. Turn the coupler clockwise to tighten all the way to a full stop.
Now you're ready to grill!

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