Char-Broil Classic 46G3D - Model 463211512

Model # 463211512

Note: This item may not be available for sale but is still supported by Char-Broil. Replacement Parts can be found on the tabs below.

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4-Burner Gas Grill With Side Burner More info »
Classic cooking for unforgettable steaks, burgers and more.

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Replacement Parts

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A Classic Gas Grill Casting - G560-0200-W1A $ 59.99 Buy Now
AA Side Shelf Towel Bar, Standoff 2 - Model G560-0017-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
AAA Large Silicon Rubber Bumper for Top Lid - Model G560-5002-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
B Tube Burner For electrode - Model G560-5800-W1 $ 8.99 Buy Now
BB Right Side Shelf - Model G560-0500-W1 $ 25.99 Buy Now
C Tube Burner - Model G560-6000-W1 $ 8.99 Buy Now
CC Drip Pan For Side Burner - Model G560-0019-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
D Main Burner Electrode - G560-0009-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
DD Grill Sideburner - Model G560-8100-W1 $ 12.99 Buy Now
E Carryover Tube - Model G560-0010-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
EE Electrode For Sideburner - G560-0021-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
F Heat Tent - Model G560-0006-W1 $ 9.99 Buy Now
FF Electrode Wire For Sideburner - Model G560-0030-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
G Classic Grill Cooking Grate - Model G560-0005-W1 $ 41.99 Buy Now
GG Sideburner Grate - Model G560-0020-W1 $ 8.99 Buy Now
H Warming Grid for Grill - Model G560-0004-W1 $ 13.99 Buy Now
HH Char-Broil Sideburner Lid - Model G560-0018-W1 $ 8.99 Buy Now
I Char-Broil Outdoor Grill Lid - Model G560-3200-W1 $ 69.99 Buy Now
II Char-Broil Grill Cart Left Side Panel - Model G560-0800-W1 $ 35.99 Buy Now
J Classic Grill Logo Plate - Model G651-0016-W1 $ 7.99 Buy Now
JJ Bottom Shelf Brace for Classic Grill - Model G560-0900-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
K Temperature Gauge - Model G430-0022-W1 $ 7.99 Buy Now
KK Bottom Shelf - Model G560-0022-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
L Bezel For Temperature Gauge - Model G404-0034-W1 $ 3.99 Buy Now
LL Tank Retainer Wire - Model G560-0023-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
M Small Silicone Rubber Bumper for Top Lid - Model G560-5001-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
MM Char-Broil Grill Upper Front Panel - Model G560-0024-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
N Grill Lid Handle - Model G560-0001-W1 $ 13.99 Buy Now
NN Grill Cart Lower Front Panel - Model G560-1200-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
O Top Lid Hardware - Model G560-0003-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
OO Back Rail for Classic Series Grill - Model G560-0026-W1 $ 7.99 Buy Now
P Main Control Panel - Model G560-0400-W1 $ 29.99 Buy Now
PP Char-Broil Grill Cart Right Side Panel - Model G560-1100-W1 $ 35.99 Buy Now
Q Electronic Ignition Module - Model F401-0012-W1 $ 12.99 Buy Now
QQ Heat Shield For Tank - Model G560-5700-W1 $ 5.99 Buy Now
R 4-Burner Hose Valve Regulator Assembly - Model G560-8500-W1 $ 79.99 Buy Now
RR Grease Tray - Model G560-0027-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
S Bezel For Knob - Model G560-0012-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
SS Axle Rod - Model G560-0028-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
T Control Knob for Classic Grill- Model G560-0011-W1 $ 7.99 Buy Now
TT Grill Wheel - Model G437-0037-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
U Bezel For Knob for Classic Grill- Model G560-0014-W1 $ 3.99 Buy Now
UU Grease Cup - Model G430-0033-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
V Control Knob For Sideburner - Model G560-0013-W1 $ 3.99 Buy Now
VV Grease Cup Clip - Model G305-0043-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
W Match Holder With Chain - Model G401-0079-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
WW Char-Broil Leg Extender - Model G560-0029-W1 $ 8.99 Buy Now
X Left Side Shelf - Model G560-0600-W1 $ 25.99 Buy Now
XX Button For Igniter - Model G432-0026-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
Y Side Shelf Towel Bar - Model G560-0015-W1 $ 14.99 Buy Now
YY Sideburner Brace for Classic Grill- Model G560-5402-W1 $ 3.99 Buy Now
Z Side Shelf Towel Bar, Standoff 2 - Model G560-0016-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
ZZ Heat Shield For Electronic Module - Model G437-0043-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
Hardware Pack - Model G56001-B001-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
Hardware Pack, Pre-assembly - Model G56001-B001-W2 $ 4.99 Buy Now
Char-Broil Classic Gas Grill Assembly Manual (English) - G560-060801-W1 $ 6.99 Buy Now
Char-Broil Classic Gas Grill Assembly Manual (Spanish) - G560-060802-W1 $ 6.99 Buy Now
Char-Broil Classic 46G3D - Model 463211512 is rated 2.8947 out of 5 by 19.
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Mickey Mouse Wheels The grill is adequate, except for the flimsy wheels whose axel bends easily. Because of this flaw, I have to be very extra careful rolling it like a wheelbarrow. Another flaw is the fact that it only has two wheels instead of four, with two of them capable of rotating. This product might as well could have been designed to be permanently stationary.
Date published: 2014-06-10
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Good grill.. Low flames This product is great looking, and spacious for food, however the flames on the grill are very low, even on high, which takes a long time to cook the food, even with the lid closed. There must an adjustment? Other than that it is good quality, and the grates are durable
Date published: 2014-06-10
Rated 3 out of 5 by from uneven heat Hot in the back, cooler in the front. Need three of 4 burners on to get to 400F. Grates have a tendency to cause food to stick. Did not have grate problems on my old Kenmore until it was 5 years old. This Charbroil is 8 months old. Low price is good.
Date published: 2014-06-10
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Grille Heats and cooks fast or slow...whatever I need/want. I needed a replacement part probably needed due to my fault, sent free of charge in a couple of days. Love it and when needed will definitely buy another. Great grille...Great price.
Date published: 2014-06-10
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great large grill that provides all you need Have had the grill for almost a year now and it is great. There is plenty of room to cook and very even heat across the surface. It lights up very quickly and I like the idea that you can replace the battery in the igniter.
Date published: 2014-06-10
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Good grill for the price Had the grill a little over a year now. Cooks evenly and lights up on the first push every time. I haven't encountered any of the problems I've read about in other reviews. A good solid, and reliable grill for the price.
Date published: 2014-06-11
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Disappointed... I'm very disappointed with my Char-Broil grill. I have had to replace the gas regulator and it still doesn't work properly. I must shut off my gas at the tank or it will leak out. I would not recommend this grill.
Date published: 2014-06-10
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Ok not great I have had this grill for about 1 year now and I'm not to impressed with how it has held up. The burners need replaced already and it was damaged when I got it. Sort of a poor design cheaply made.
Date published: 2014-06-10

What replacement wheel goes with this model

Asked by: ranger71
Each wheel is model # G437-0037-W1.
Answered by: DustinR
Date published: 2014-11-06

what is the model number for the three carry over tubes for grill model 463211512?

Asked by: Brian 438
Each carryover tube is model # G560-0010-W1. This is available on the Char-Broil site.
Answered by: DustinR
Date published: 2014-11-03

What grill cover is available for classic grill

Asked by: Denisekaren
Our 65 inch grill cover Model 3585705 is the cover for your grill. You can find this cover on on sale for $29.85.
Answered by: WhitneyC
Date published: 2014-08-04

Can this Char Broil Classic be converted to natural gas?

Asked by: sam25
This Char-Broil Classic can only be used with propane and cannot be converted to natural gas.
Answered by: DustinR
Date published: 2014-09-28

Will replacement parts that end in 13 and 14 fit the 463211512 model?   That appears to be correct, but I want to make sure.  Thank you!

Asked by: Bladen
The replacement parts for the 2013 and 2014 version of this model should fit your 2012 model. Double check the measurements listed in the part description to verify that it will.
Answered by: Alyssa
Date published: 2014-07-14