Char-Broil RED Urban Infrared Grill Model 463250210

Model # 463250210

Note: This item may not be available for sale but is still supported by Char-Broil. Replacement Parts can be found on the tabs below.

Quick Overview

The Char-Broil® RED® Urban Gas Grill is so named because it features patented and award winning Infrared™ cooking system. More info »
The RED® Infrared™ cooking system completely climates flare ups and its design allows for perhaps the greatest grilling versatility seen in years. The RED® TRU-Infrared™ design also allows you to add wood chips directly on to the cooking grates for added flavor and no flare up.

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Replacement Parts

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Call Tag Part Name Price Each View Item
A Char-Broil Grill Top Lid - Model G352-0100-W1 $ 59.99 Buy Now
AA Heat Shield For Lower Firebox - Model G352-0008-W1 $ 3.99 Buy Now
B Inner Insert For Top Lid - Model G352-0001-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
BB Front Door Brace for Gourmet Grill - Model G352-5000-W1 $ 8.99 Buy Now
C Top Lid Handle Bezel - Model G352-0015-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
CC Electronic Ignition Module - Model G350-0017-W1 $ 12.99 Buy Now
D Top Lid Handle - Model G352-0002-W1 $ 13.99 Buy Now
DD Button For Electronic Ignition Module - Model G515-0030-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
E Logo Plate With Temperature Gauge - Model G511-1700-W1A $ 19.99 Buy Now
F Lid Bumper - Model G413-0025-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
FF Char-Broil RED Grill Cabinet Door - Model G352-6000-W1 $ 39.99 Buy Now
G Firebox for Urban Grill- G352-3100-W1 $ 59.99 Buy Now
GG Handle for Sideburner Door - Model G517-0011-W1 $ 11.99 Buy Now
H LEFT PANEL, FIREBOX not available
HH RED Gourmet Grill Cart Left Side Panel - Model G352-0600-W1 $ 25.99 Buy Now
I Firebox Right Panel for RED Grill - Model G352-3300-W1 $ 29.99 Buy Now
II Gourmet Grill Cart Right Side Panel - Model G352-0700-W1 $ 25.99 Buy Now
J REAR PANEL, FIREBOX not available
JJ Char-Broil Gas Grill Bottom Shelf - Model G352-0900-W1 $ 49.99 Buy Now
K Heat Shield For Firebox - Model G352-0004-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
KK Tank Screw For Bottom Shelf - Model G505-0047-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
L Cast Iron Porcelain Grill Grate - Model G517-0014-W1 $ 41.99 Buy Now
M RED Warming Rack - G352-0012-W1 $ 13.99 Buy Now
MM CASTER, FIXED $ 6.99 Buy Now
N Stainless Steel RED Burner - Model G616-2500-W1 $ 12.99 Buy Now
NN Hardware For Top Lid Assembly - Model G515-0035-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
O Electrode for RED Gas Grill - Model G511-0005-W1 $ 9.99 Buy Now
OO Lid Rubber Bumper- Model G501-0066-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
P SIDE SHELF, FIXED $ 19.99 Buy Now
PP Firebox Trough - Model G352-1000-W1 $ 39.99 Buy Now
Q Universal Side Shelf Folding - Model G350-0700-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
R Fascia For Left Side Shelf - Model G352-0013-W1 $ 7.99 Buy Now
S Fascia For Right Side Shelf - Model G352-0014-W1 $ 7.99 Buy Now
T RED® Main Control Panel - Model G352-0006-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
U RED 2-Burner Hose Valve Regulator Assembly - G352-3500-W1 $ 79.99 Buy Now
V Match Holder - G608-0019-W1 $ 5.99 Buy Now
W Grill Bezel For Control Knob - Model G501-0031-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
X Chrome Plated Control Knob - Model G511-0010-W1 $ 7.99 Buy Now
Z Heat Shield For Tank - Model G352-0800-W1 $ 8.99 Buy Now
Door Magnet - Model G501-0016-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
Caster Wrench - Model G413-0032-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
Hardware Pack - Model G352-B001-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
Char-Broil RED 2-Burner Grill Assembly Manual - G352-010801-W1 $ 6.99 Buy Now
RED 2-Burner Gas Grill Assembly Manual (Spanish) - G352-010802-W1 $ 6.99 Buy Now

RED® Grilling Guide

Attachment: RED® Grilling Guide - English

Attachment: RED® Grilling Guide - Spanish

VIDEO: How to Season Your Char-Broil® RED® or Heatwave® Infrared Grill

VIDEO: Seasoning Your Char-Broil® RED® or Heatwave® Infrared Grill

Just like a cast iron skillet, the cast-iron components in the Char-Broil RED Infrared cooking system will need to be seasoned prior to use. This is important as it will optimize cooking performance, make cleaning easier, and inhibit rusting.

While the grill is cold, coat all surfaces of the RED cooking system including the grilling grates and infrared emitter with a high heat cooking oil, such as Canola or Peanut oil.

When seasoning, it’s easiest to use a spray, however you must wipe down the RED cooking system with a cloth or paper towel after spraying to ensure an even coat.

Ignite your grill and let it heat up for 15 minutes – or until the oil burns off and stops smoking. Your grill is now seasoned and you are ready to cook.

A light coat of vegetable oil after each use will help keep the grates and infrared emitter seasoned and provide a layer of protection.

Attachment: How To Season Your Char-Broil® RED® or Heatwave® Infrared Grill