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Tailgating Hero – Chili Sauce for Hot Dogs, Burgers, and Nachos

Chili sauce is what I call a tailgating hero.  Tailgating heroes are foods that are multipurpose and can be prepared ahead of time.  Just like the hero of a sports team makes his teammates better players, a tailgating hero makes every food it goes on just a little better.  Chili sauce fits role perfectly. Which is Read More

Simple Brine Recipe for Smoked Fish

Brines aren’t just for thanksgiving turkey anymore – use a brine for your smoked fish to give the meat true tasty flavor.  Using a smoked fish brine will help keep the delicate meat of the fish from drying out while smoking and work delicious seasonings past the skin and into the tender flakes of the Read More

Competition BBQ Recipes: Smoked Brisket Marinade Recipe

Brisket already has a great natural flavor without any added dry rubs, marinades, or sauces, but because this cut requires such a long smoke time, it needs a little added moisture to keep it from drying out.  To get a juicy brisket without masking the natural flavor of the meat, use a marinade that has Read More

Homemade Dry Rub Recipe for Smoked Brisket

One of the best things about smoked brisket is the way the smoke enhances the natural flavor of the meat.  This flavor mostly comes from the thin, top layer of fat that melts into the brisket as it roasts in the smoker.  To make this moist and juicy meat taste even more delicious, coat it Read More

Savory Rub Recipe for Smoky Pulled Pork

A plate piled high with moist and juicy shredded pork is most certainly what BBQ dreams are made of.  To get the most flavorful smoked pulled pork possible, use a dry rub before putting the meat in the smoker.  The seasonings will have ample time to work into the meat during the long cook time. Read More

Homemade Smoked Pork Butt Rub: Lemon Pepper Recipe

Lemon pepper and pork is a classic flavor combination that brings out the best of zesty lemon and kickin’ pepper.  When making smoked pork, use this recipe for lemon pepper smoked pork butt rub to branch out from typical barbecue seasonings.  The results will get you a light and tangy smoked pork butt perfect sliced Read More

Rockin’ Rub Recipe for Smoked Pork Shoulder

While All-Purpose BBQ rubs are excellent resources to use when in a bind, you can create your own personalized smoked pork shoulder rub with the unique flavors you prefer.  For starters, try our recipe for smoked pork shoulder rub and eventually branch out to make a spice rub of your own. Tips for Smoked Pork Read More

Perfect Rub Recipe for Smoked Pork Loin

Pork loin is a relatively lean cut of meat compared to other proteins.  Using a smoked pork loin rub can be a great help for adding flavor to pork.  A thick layer of spice rub will not only give great taste, but it will also add a coat of crunchy texture to the outside of Read More

Zesty Lemon Pepper Rub for Smoked Chicken

Cooking chicken in the smoker already gives the meat great flavor, but to really bump up the taste, use a smoked chicken rub before cooking.  By actually working the seasoning into the meat, you can help the flavor really sink in. One great thing about using a dry rub is that you can let it Read More

Spicy Smoked Turkey Rub Recipe

What’s more impressive than serving up a gorgeous smoked turkey, coated in a layer of smoked herbs and spices?  The secret to getting this perfect browned crust is out- simply use a spice rub!  Mix up your favorite spices and massage into the meat of the turkey before smoking to ensure that your turkey has a brown, Read More

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