Attaching Your Propane Tank to Your Grill

Char-Broil Propane Tank
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Getting ready to grill for the first time? Here’s how to get your propane tank on the grill. Every grill is different, so view your manual first for instructions on how to place the tank on the grill. Once you securely attach the tank to the grill, attach the gas using the following steps.

  • Make sure the gas valve on the propane tank is closed first—just turn the valve clockwise to a full stop.
  • Also make sure all the knobs on your grill are turned to off.
  • Inspect both the seal (for cracks) and the tank for damage. If it’s damaged, return it.
  • Remove the seal from the propane tank. Always use the cap and strap supplied with the valve.
  • Hold the regulator in one hand and insert the nipple into the valve.
  • Do not use tools to tighten. Using your other hand tighten the coupling nut to the tank valve keeping the regulator aligned to insure the connection isn’t cross threaded.
  • Turn the coupler clockwise to tighten all the way to a full stop.
  • If you are having low flame or gas issues, you may want to leak test your grill.


Now you’re ready to grill!

Tip: Since 1995, all regulators have a safety feature that restricts the flow of gas in the event of a leak. You could trip this feature when you turn on the gas using the grill control knob before you turn on the propane tank valve. If the regulator trips, your grill flames and temperature will stay low. Read this guide, to reset the safety device.

13 thoughts on “Attaching Your Propane Tank to Your Grill

    1. It depends on exactly what you are grilling. To be able to sear a steak, you want the grill to get to 650 degrees. For other items such as fish and veggies, you can grill those at 450 degrees.

  1. I was scared to death. My first time at hooking the gas; I thought it would blow up in my face. BUT: it worked!!!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Sallie, if you are using a new tank of propane that could be the valve opening and releasing a puff of air when hooked up to your grill’s gas line. If you have any concerns about using the tank, we recommend taking it to your local provider and exchanging for a new tank.

  2. Char-Broil will void your warranty if you have your gas company run a gas line from the house tank (120 gal that runs my fireplace as well) with a low pressure regulator to the grill. Not sure I will ever buy their products again.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Our grills are only tested and certified to work with a 20lb propane tank. It is stated in our gas grill manuals to only use the hose valve regulator assembly supplied with the grill as any modification to this assembly will void the warranty and create the risk of a gas leak or fire. We also recommend to use only authorized replacement parts supplied by Char-Broil in the event the hose valve regulator assembly becomes damaged.

    1. Hi Veronica, the portable gas grills are rated for use with 1 lb gas canisters. In order to hook it up to a 20 lb propane tank, you will need a Universal 4′ Hose & Regulator, which can be found here

  3. each time I am done grilling with my gas bbq, do I have to disconnect the regulator from the gas tank after I turn the gas valve off, in order to avoid wasting gas or a small leak, which may cause me to not have enough gas for next time I bbq.

    1. Hi Jerad, once the gas tank is shut off, you should not need to disconnect the tank from the regulator. If at any point in time you smell or hear gas leaking, shut off the tank immediately and inspect the tank, regulator and line for any leaks.

    1. Hi Erica, our grills do not have pilot lights. Instead, they have ignitor switches that produce a spark that ignites the gas flow running through the burners.

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