Basic Grilling Accessories

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Whether you’re a grill master or a once-a-year-hamburger-maker, set yourself up right with the best tools and utensils for grilling. You’ll make grilling easier and safer.


Long-handled Tools
Unless you want to burn your arm hairs off, invest in some long-handled tools like spatula, tongs, and forks so you can easily turn, poke, and flip your food.

Grill Mitts

Where there’s fire, there’s scorching hot heat. Keep your hands protected by using grill mitts especially made for the heat on the grill.

No more eyeballing your meat to see if it’s done, invest in a good digital thermometer and you’ll save yourself from a case of food-borne illness.


Grill Brush
Cleaning off food debris, ash and general muck from your grill is as important as what you’re making on it. Get one with a scraper and a brush.


Charcoal Canister
Love the taste of food grilled with charcoal, but hate the long wait? Light your charcoal the quick and easy way with a charcoal canister or chimney. In 15 minutes, the charcoal will be hot and ready.


Grill Basket
Love the taste of grilled veggies, but tired of them slipping through the grill grates? Get yourself a grill basket and make it easy. No more shuffling around pieces of aluminum foil, just flip and shake and grill away.

Grill Cover
Protect your love by getting a cover. You’ll protect your grill from the weather, from bugs and critters and invest in its longevity.


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