Best Vegetables to Grill

Best Vegetables to Grill
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Grilling’s not just for meat! Vegetables make wonderful side pairings for your favorite main courses. Grilling them also helps bring out some of the natural flavors and sugars, to give you a delectable side dish.

Spray with oil and a little garlic salt and place horizontally on grill.

Slice into ½ inch slices and place directly on the grill.

Portabellas can be sliced and placed right on the grill. Smaller mushrooms place in a basket, packet or skewer.

Cut into 1/8” slices lengthwise and place directly on the grill.

Jalapeño and bell peppers are delicious grilled. Cut them in half and place them right on the grill.

Cut into cubes and place in a packet with oil and your favorite spices. You’ll need to raise the heat and shut the lid to get more of a convective oven-like effect.

Pull off the outer husks of the corn and remove the silk. Fold the inner husks back over the corn and place right on the grill. Cover the grill for 10-15 minutes, turning the corn occasionally.


Tip: Pierce your veggies with a fork or skewer. If it goes through easily, it’s usually done.

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