Big Easy® Beer Can Chicken Recipe

Big Easy® Beer Can Chicken Recipe
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Beer Can Chicken has earned its place as one of the most popular recipes for backyard bbq parties. Here, we offer a new twist on this classic favorite—using the Big Easy Oil-Less Turkey Fryer to keep the chicken moist and lock in the flavors.


CB's EZ Beer Can Chicken in The Big Easy

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 50 minutes

Total Time: 60 minutes

Yield: 12 servings

Serving Size: 1 piece per serving

Using The Big Easy to prepare many recipes that you would never think of preparing in a deep fat fryer is one more reason it's such a versatile cooker. One of the most popular recipes for just about any backyard barbeque party is "Beer Can Chicken." You can do this recipe in The Big Easy. In place of the beer can there are many different devices which you fill with liquids that flavor the chicken while keeping it moist.


  • Whole chicken*
  • 1 12 oz can of your favorite full flavor beer
  • 1/4 cup of your favorite rub or other spices


  1. Rinse the chicken and dry  with paper towels.
  2. Rub favorite spices* on outside of chicken and insert reliable oven proof meat thermometer in meaty section of the breast.
  3. If you desire an extra crisp skin, bordering on burned, you can lightly brush on vegetable oil over spices on skin of chicken.
  4. Take the can of WARM beer, opened, and place the chicken (legs down, breast up) over the can of beer and then set in The Big Easy cooking basket-try to make sure some of the beer can is exposed so the infrared will hit the can and warm it.
  5. Place cooking basket in The Big Easy and turn on cooker.
  6. Monitor thermometer and remove chicken when internal temperature reaches an reading of 160F degrees.  (USDA recommends 165F degrees for done.)
  7. Place the chicken in a pan or tray, most of the beer should be evaporated, tent with foil and let rest for about 15-20 minutes, the internal temp should rise the final 5 degrees.  You will find the flavors of the chicken are enhanced by the evaporating beer as it flavors the meat from the inside, so choose wisely.
  8. *NOTE: When cooking in The Big Easy, refrain from using rubs with high sugar content or spices that burn easily - as the infrared energy will quickly burn sugar and cause a bitter taste from burned spices.
  9. Carve and serve.


The cooking time will vary according to the weight of the chicken. ABOUT 10 minutes per pound if the starting internal temperature of the chicken is about 42F Degrees.

25 thoughts on “Big Easy® Beer Can Chicken Recipe

  1. This recipe must have an error. The cook time is much more than just 10 minutes. We did a nice size chicken and the cook time was near 45 minutes. The Chichen was very tender… It looked beautiful but lacked internal seasoning; so next time I will inject the chicken as well. All said, I love this BE Cooker.

    1. The cooking time stated is 10 minutes per pound, not 10 minutes total. That is the recommended cooking time on all birds using TBE (8-10 minutes, stated in the description under the Big Easy product guide). Always use your thermometer included to ensure that your meat is done and safe to eat!

    2. I love this cooker as well. I always inject the bird just underneath the skin and put a dry rub on the outside the night before cooking.

  2. Thanks for the head up on the time mistake!

    I edited the recipe to indicate what it was supposed to read – 10 minutes per pound is the baseline for planning a cook in The Big Easy….’if’ the chicken starting internal temperature is 42F degrees.

  3. Recipe also calls for 5-12oz cans of your favorite beer but gives no instruction for them. I guess I’ll have to drink them while I am waiting for the chicken to cook.

  4. With the electric 2in1 Big Easy Roaster, what is the recommended heat setting (1-15)? I didn’t see it anywhere in the recipe or comments.


    1. Glen – Great question! This recipe was originally posted with The Big Easy Oil-less Fryer in mind which is propane powered and only has an on and off setting. If you are using the Electric 2-in-1 Big Easy, You can use a power level between 13 and 15 to mimic the cooking temperature of the Oil-less Fryer. If you cook at the higher range of temperatures, I recommend that you cook with the lid up and only close the lid if you want to speed the cooking process. Let us know if you have any other questions.

      Thanks! – Michael

      1. I have the electric roaster 2in1 Big Easy. I have now cooked a chicken twice and didn’t come up with a good results. This last time I cooked at the 14 setting with the lid down for the entire time until temp noted 165. I had the probe in the dark meat side. When it indicated 165, I moved the probe to a different dark meat area and got the 160 plus, then moved it to a breast area and got 148. I let it cook at 14 setting until I got a 165 reading there now at 1 Hr and 40 minutes. After removing and cutting the chicken up it was not totally done inside neither in the dark nor deep white areas. The outside has a brownish cooked look but nothing like a fried type crusty appearance. This is the second time I have had this issue. Is my probe not measuring correctly? I can cook a whole chicken on my gas grill in 60 minutes and it is perfect as a drunk chicken.
        My son got the propane fryer version and it seems to do excellent. Either I am doing something wrong or this elec version simply don’t do the job. At this point for $200 I am totally dissatisfied. What am I doing wrong or what is the issue here?

        1. GlenO – I’m sorry to hear about the issues that you have encountered. The Big Easy 2-in-1 Electric Smoker & Roaster is designed to be versatile and to provide amazing flavors. We value you as a Char-Broil customer and want to make sure that you are able to fully take advantage of everything the Big Easy 2-in-1 is able to offer. When cooking is the thermal probe left in the food? The thermal probe can be left in the thickest part of the meat and as your food reaches the desired temperature the unit will begin to power down. Had the chicken thawed before it was placed in the Big Easy 2-in-1 or was it cooked from frozen? If it was still frozen this could have caused the issue with some spots being fully cooked and others not.

          Thank you for creating a case with us. This will allow us to thoroughly troubleshoot and further investigate this issue. Please use your case as your main point of contact. – Dustin

          1. Chicken was definately thawed and yes I left the probe in the breast area. I just did another chicken (whole). I put the elec cooker on 14 with lid up as directed and let it cook. At 1 hour the internal temperture was about 110 degrees. Closed lid. At 2 hours outside beginning to look fairly good but internal temp is only about 140 degrees. I ended up putting it on 15 (cleaning) and ran it wide open and finally at 3 hrs and 10 min the internal temp says 165 degrees. Chicken looked good and was thoroughly cooked inside. Now the question why 3 hours and in the final hour running on 15? That just don’t sound right? I don’t believe this electric cooker is cooking right. My son has a gas one and can cook a chicken in 50 plus minutes.

          2. GlenO – Ambient temperatures can play a role in extending the cook times and this may be the reason for the long cook time. I have seen where a new case has been created. We will be contacting you soon to thoroughly troubleshoot everything and ensure that we get to the cause of this problem. We want you to be able to fully use your Big Easy. – Dustin

  5. Glen,
    I had the same problem. I think the propane cooker just puts out much more heat than ours. I never leave the top open and almost cook everything at the highest setting except for red meat and smaller chicken wings or if im smoking a pork . This site doesn’t help much. they really need to have a better cooking chart.
    Thanks for the input.

  6. Did an 8 pounder. Started it out in high temp with some oak wood. My wife is not a fan of smokey flavor so I only used a handful of pellets when I first put the bird in the Big Easy. Was done to perfection in about an hour and a half. Crisp skin, juicy meat and a just a hint of smoke flavor. My son was visiting from college and he loves my BBQ and he thought this was the best chicken I ever did. So far I’m loving my Big Easy. I have a lot of gadgets including Masterbuilt smokers and different grills both gas and charcoal and I’m obsessed with my Big Easy

      1. You shouldn’t use pellets or any wood chip within The Big Easy oil-less turkey fryer. You can use wood chips in The Big Easy Smoker, Roaster and Grill.

  7. The big easy is a tool. This thread sounds like a bunch of inexperienced chefs. Yes, the internal meat temperature is key and the big easy does the job perfectly on poultry, pork, meat, but you must make sure you have accurate internal temperature readings. Sounds like to me that someone needs to calibrate a thermometer or buy a new one.

  8. I love this recipe and use it or a variation of it for all my chicken drumsticks. Using different types of vinegar, replacing the water with pineapple or apple juice (and reducing the sugar,) adding chopped ginger, cilantro, or sesame seeds has yielded delicious results. I always chop all sauce components and reduce the sauce down so I can use every drop of it with the chicken or to top accompanying rice, noodles, or vegetables. 

  9. I made this once before and was not happy with the texture of the chicken or skin, but loved the flavor. Below are my changes. Make sauce and set aside 3/4 cup. Marinate the chicken thighs or legs overnight in the remaining sauce. Roast seasoned uncovered thighs or legs in 450* oven for 40 minutes, or until done throw away “dirty” marinade. Bring 3/4 cup “clean” or remaining marinade to boil and reduce by 1/2. When done the skin gets a beautiful deep brown color and is crunchy. The texture of the chicken is perfect 

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