Big Easy® Southern Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

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Nothing brings the family together like a delicious, golden-fried turkey for Thanksgiving. But without the proper equipment, your cooked bird may be all style, and no substance. Fried turkey has gained notice for its unique flavor profile and quick cooking process – but the gallons of peanut oil needed in the process have created some handling challenges.

Turkey perfection is at your fingertips with The Big Easy – which uses just two tablespoons of oil to create that crispy, savory, fried signature turkey. Our Southern-influenced Thanksgiving turkey recipe is a take on the traditional favorite that will have your family praising your turkey talents – and asking for seconds!

Fried Turkey "Southern-Style" in The Big Easy


Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 2 hours

Total Time: 2 hours, 20 minutes

Yield: 10 servings

The classic 'fried turkey' uses several gallons of peanut oil that takes quite some time to heat up before you can fry the turkey. If the temperature is off just 5-10 degrees you either have oily tasting turkey or problems on your hands. But this basic recipe uses only a couple tablespoons of oil and will deliver a fried turkey taste without the mess!


  • Whole turkey - check product manual for maximum weight
  • 2 tablespoons of Vegetable or Peanut oil
  • NOTE: It does not matter which of the two you use because both are mild in flavor. We do recommend avoiding heavier oils like olive oil, though, because they tend to be richer in flavor and will affect the taste of food. Vegetable and peanut oil also have higher smoke points, making them excellent mediums for deep frying.
  • Herb seasoning or dry rub (NOTE: Lower sugar content)


  1. Prepare turkey for cooking - remove the giblets, neck, etc.
  2. Remove any plastic or metal ties used to hold legs or cavity in place.
  3. Rinse the turkey in tepid water and pat dry with paper towels.
  4. Apply dry rub on outside of turkey - if your hands are small enough you can also work rub in between the skin and the meat on the breast and leg/thigh area.
  5. Lightly spray or brush oil on outside of turkey.
  6. Truss the legs and place turkey legs down in the cooking basket.
  7. NOTE: To help prevent sticking, oil the wire in the cooking basket before placing turkey in it.
  8. Insert meat thermometer in the breast so that the tip does not touch bone and the dial is easily read when the basket is in the cooker.
  9. Light the burner according to instructions in manual - no pre-heating required
  10. Plan to cook the turkey for approximately 10 minutes per pound - and monitor the temperature closely as the last "planned" 20 minutes begin.
  11. When the thermometer registers about 3 degrees below the target temperature of 165F degrees - turn off the cooker and remove the cooking basket with the turkey in it. Place the basket on a shallow sheet pan and allow to rest for about 15 minutes while the turkey continues to cook from internal heat.
  12. Remove the turkey from the cooking basket.
  13. Tip: You can use your hands to make sure the turkey doesn't get hung up while trying to remove...and invert the basket and allow the turkey to gently "fall" out.
  14. After the turkey rests for about 20 - 30 minutes total it will be ready to carve.
Golden and warm, this fried turkey is just waiting for the family to dig in.

Setting the Table

Now that your turkey is fried to crispy perfection, consider setting up a beautiful tablescape to create a cozy and festive atmosphere.  Fall decorations such as miniature pumpkins, garlands of red and yellow foliage, or large pinecones make great table decor.  Create a centerpiece using your favorite family photos to spark conversation and reminiscence on memories that fill you with thanks.  Personalized place settings are an efficient way to dress up the table and make your guests feel welcome.  Use these little ideas to help make this significant day feel extra special.

Orange, red, and yellow leaves show off all the colors of fall for a great table setting.

Side Dishes To Be Thankful For 

With all the time you’ve saved from frying your turkey in The Big Easy, you can now whip up some decadent sides to accompany your beautifully browned turkey.  You can choose to go unconventional with dishes of bold flavor or stick with the theme of the turkey recipe and offer Thanksgiving classics sure to be found on any southern table.  Here are some great recipe ideas.

A plate that will have your guests giving thanks!

Don’t Forget Dessert! 

If your friends and family have any room left after all of the Thanksgiving delicacies, a pumpkin or pecan pie will be the final touch to your Thanksgiving feast. These elegant and classic southern desserts will taste great and look beautiful sitting with the spread of homemade wonders.

Pumpkin and pecan pies will be a sweet ending to a memorable Thanksgiving meal. Enjoy!


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153 thoughts on “Big Easy® Southern Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

    1. Renee – The Big Easy is just on and off as far as temperature setting. You want to make sure that your turkey cooks to at least 165 internal temp though. With the big easy, you will be cooking at approximately 10 minutes a pound so for a 12 lb turkey, you would be looking at 120 minutes. My suggestion would be to check the bird about 20 minutes from the “planned” amount of time – @100 minutes to see where you are temp wise. Sometimes the big easy will cook faster than 10 minutes/lb. Try cooking with the lid off as well until the last 30 minutes or so. The lid reflects a lot of heat back down on the bird and will crisp the skin more the longer you keep it on. Hope this helps!

    1. Yes it will cook a ham but the outside will look like charcoal. You will have to shave off the outside crust but the ham is wonderful.

  1. If you can get it in the big easy you can cook it!! there are a lot of things I can cook in it. they Char-Broil® have other items to help you cook ribs etc. Just ordered the oven stacker will try it soon!!!

    1. Carol – I usually start the SRG on high to get some wood chips going, then turn it down around medium to cook. You don’t have to cook it on low if you don’t want to. It’s really up to you. Either way, you will get delicious, juicy results. I recommend that you try and stay away from using any sort of rubs with a lot of sugar content on the outside of the turkey. They will burn pretty quickly. If there is anything else I can answer, just let me know!

    1. Cora – Sure you can! I like to use a butter based marinade/sauce when injecting a turkey. Butter seems to make everything better! – Michael

    1. Ashley –

      If you are cooking a turkey in The Big Easy, a brine is not a necessary step in making your turkey juicy. When you brine something, you are essentially introducing more water content into the meat along with some extra flavors from what ever you want to add to the brine. Brining is especially helpful when roasting a turkey in the oven or smoking a turkey. Brining definitely helps and adds moisture to the turkey, but The Big Easy keeps your turkey moist and juicy regardless of brining. I suggest a dry rub after brining if you choose to do so. However, make sure to pat your turkey dry with some paper towels before adding the rub. Hope this helps!

      PS – Try to use a rub that doesn’t have a high sugar content if you are cooking your turkey in The Big Easy. Rubs that have a high sugar content tend to burn when cooked in The Big Easy.


    1. Are you asking to what internal temperature? If so, you should cook your turkey to 165F according to USDA guidelines. Let me know if this answers your question.

      Thanks – Michael

  2. Doing my first turkey in the oiless char broil fryer do you have any recommendations for a good brine recipie?

    1. Jeromy – Unfortunately we don’t have many recipes for a brine listed here on Char-Broil Live, but the Char-Broil LIVE Community Forums might be the place to go for a great brine recipe and some tips on how to brine a turkey. Here’s a post to get you started How Do You Brine? There are tons of threads on our forum about brining. You can easily search for more threads like this one just by using the search box on the top right of the page. Hope this helps.


    1. Great question JP! At 50 degrees, cooking time should be affected very little. If it get’s down into the low 40s or 30s, you may need to add a few minutes to cooking time. Just make sure that when cooking turkey in The Big Easy, your turkey reaches an internal temperature of 165F in the thickest part of the meat. Thanks for your question JP.

  3. What size Turkey can I cook in the 2 in 1 roaster smoker? Or can I get one as large as I want as long as I can fit it in the basket.

    1. David – You can cook up to a 16 pound turkey in the 2-in-1. Anything larger than that may not fit in the cooking basket. A 15 pound turkey fits PERFECTLY in the basket though.

  4. Hello…I am looking at buying the big easy. Problem is, I have read a lot of bad reviews about the “cooking time” and that it takes so long. Is that an early production unit or are all these people doing it wrong?

    also, what else can I cook with this thing?

    1. Mark – The Big Easy will cook a turkey in about 10 minutes per pound compared to 20 in an oven. A 15 pound turkey can be cooked to perfection in right around 2.5 hours. To answer your second question, you can cook turkey, whole chickens, chicken pieces, kabobs, wings, boston (pork shoulder), veggies, etc. The possibilities are endless with this thing! Check out some of our accessories for the Big Easy to get a better understanding of what you can cook. Big Easy Accessories

    2. Hi Mark, I own both the Big Easy Oiless Turkey Fryer and the Big Easy Smoker, Roaster Grill. Amazing appliances! So much so that 3 of my guests at a recent cookout all bought one! Once you get to use the Big Easy and experience it for yourself, You will be hard pressed to cook indoors ever again. At least cooking anything that would be prepared grill styled. All this being said, the cook time is slightly longer than with an oil cooker but when you consider the cost and health factors, it ends up being a non issue. Good luck and I hope you get to experience TRU IR for yourself, as that is the best way to make up your own mind.

  5. Have used the Big easy for the last 2 years to cook our turkey. The wings always seem to burn. How can that be prevented?

  6. I keep seeing that you don’t recommend temperature settings. My big easy has settings from 1-15. It would be nice if you would recommend one of those settings as each on has a corresponding temperature.

    1. Brian –

      Most of our recipes are created using The Big Easy Oil-Less Turkey Fryer which only has one temperature setting. For your Electric 2-in-1 Big Easy, I would recommend that you cook your turkey on from around 11-13 power level setting depending on outside temperatures. You can adjust as you go if the turkey is looking like it may be cooking too quickly or too slowly. I hope this helps.


  7. I have seen in previos posts where you mention that the Big Easy has just an on and off setting. The one I just recently purchased has what appears to be 5 Heat setting s on the dial fromt the Flame symbol all the way down to Off. Which one of these settings do you reccomned a Turkey be cooked on?

    1. Dwayne – You can start by cooking the turkey on high. Cook with the lid off for a while and then, if you see that it may be cooking too quickly, turn it down to a 4. Most of the Big Easy turkeys I have cooked, I have cooked on high for the entire time without the lid on. Seems to work just fine! Let us know how it turns out. We would love to hear back from you.


    1. Dale – You should start with the lid off when cooking a turkey and then toward the end, you can add it to brown and crisp the skin a little more. You may not even need to use it through the whole cooking process although it just depends on how crispy/brown you want your turkey.


    1. Yes. It should be about the same cooking time. It may cook a little faster than a whole turkey (per pound), but just make sure you cook it to 165 degrees F.

  8. I just purchased the Electric 2 in 1 and will be attempting to cook my 13 pound turkey. My questions is if I want to fry it what setting do I put it on? I assume that the different settings corrilate to a certain way to cook ie. smoke, roast, fry?

    I tested a few chicken breasts tonight and they didnt turn our so well. very chewie and not tender. Makes me nervous for my turkey.

    1. Rick – You should try cooking the turkey at a temperature setting around 12 or 13. If it starts to brown too fast, back the level down around 10. This should make a juicy delicious turkey every time. Set your target temperature on the unit to 162 and then pull the turkey out. Let it rest for around 5 minutes a pound up to an hour and then slice and serve. Should be perfect!!!

  9. I have 15lb turkey and your Electric smoker fryer. So if I understand previous question a setting of 10-12 equals about 180 min? Do you think roast only or some apple wood smoke

    1. Tim –

      I have updated my response to the question to say 11-13. I think 13 would probably be a better setting to cook your turkey on and then you can back it down from there if it seems like its cooking too hot. Apple wood is great for a turkey and I recommend you give it a try! It will be delicious!

      – Michael

  10. Hello, I just bought a Big Easy oiless fryer and am a bit confused. I keep reading that the fryer only has one cooking temp, but as I conducted the initial burn off before cooking, I noticed that the burner does lower as you are turning the knob towards the off position? I want to cook my 14lb brined turkey but do not want to scorch the outside so can you please explain where the temp needs to be? Thx

    1. Martin –

      I would cook your turkey on the high setting and if it looks as if the turkey is getting a little too dark, back it down to about a 3 to 4. Try cooking with the lid off to start with and you shouldn’t scorch the turkey. Also, stay away from rubs with a high sugar content as the sugar tends to burn. Thanks!


  11. Just purchased one, in the book it says to seperate the legs fo cooking the turkey, if doing it with this recipe, do I still truss the legs? Was just wondering since this is a newer machine and they want me to do it differently?

    1. Bud – You can choose to do it either way. I would probably leave them separated so that they do not stick to each other and the bird is easier to carve though. It shouldn’t affect the way it cooks though, either way you decide to do it.



      1. I have lost my Big Easy Manual, but remember very well how to use it, with never any disappointment. This year I want to cook a turkey with an internal sausage stuffing. How can I do this with the Big Easy or do I have to revert to oven roasting?

        1. We don’t recommend cooking any turkey (whether in the Big Easy, Oven, or grill) with stuffing inside the cavity. It presents a food poisoning issue and it also sucks the moisture right out of the turkey like a sponge. I would suggest you do the stuffing outside of the turkey and then use the turkey drippings in the drip pan to incorporate back into the stuffing. If you do this, make SURE that you cook the drippings to a safe temperature so you can kill off any bacteria that may be left over from the turkey. Hope this helps!


  12. Thanks, just one more ?. I can take the bird from the fridge and put it in the fryer without preheat?, or better to preheat? If prior, does the time start when I start the fryer. Preheated the fryer for my first chicken last night and seemed to be ok with the standard time for a chicken. Came out great, really happy with the purchase. Would like to season it again but is that necessary? Would like to season it, burn off oil then throw turkey on. 15 1/2 pound turkey. Thanks, Bud

    1. Bud – I would take it out of the fridge for about an hour before you put it into the big easy and let it get to almost room temperature (just to take the chill off the bird) then drop in on in there without preheating and let your Big Easy do the rest! It’s that simple! No mess, no fuss, no problem!

  13. Michael

    This will be my second year cooking my bird with the Big Easy. I have the oil less fryer. The first year my wife was a little skeptical she threatened to cook a back up bird in the oven but did not. It turned out great. We have turkey more often now because it is so easy. I use a cajun butter injectable and rub with Tony’s. Just drop it in the only work is prep and after the turkey is done. It also makes a mean rib roast.

    1. Jim –

      Yep! The cajun butter along with a little Tony’s is absolutely my favorite for a turkey. Glad to hear that you are enjoying your big easy and that you have attempted some other cooks beyond just a turkey. If you haven’t checked us out on facebook yet ( you may want to be looking over the next few days to see what kind of deals we will have going on for Cyber Monday over on There are several things you might enjoy including some big easy accessories, sauce and rub kits, and even some cookbooks that have some excellent recipes in them. Should be up in the next couple of days.


  14. Can you cook a Butterball Turkey in the Oil-Less Fryer? Also is it ok to rub oil on the outside of the Turkey or will it burn? Thanks so much.

  15. I’m cooking a 16lb Turkey with a dry rub. The instructions says to estimate cooking 10min per lb or until the Turkey reaches165 degrees. What should my ‘burner’ setting be? There are five that range from low to high. Do I just crank the know to the highest setting (i.e. the one that is a flame) and let it cook for 160 min?

    Would appreciate any help…Thanks in advance :)

  16. Hi Mike-
    I plan to cook a brined, 12 pound turkey in my Big easy gas SRG. The gas dial goes from high to low. Reading the other posts, it looks like I need to cook this bird on the high setting with the lid open for around 2 hours (checking thermometer during the last half hour) and closing lid if needed to make the bird more brown during last half hour. Does this sound like a winner?
    Thanks, Dave

  17. I have the big easy oil less fryer and love it. My wife bought the turkey this year and its 17 1/2 pounds. Is that gonna be a problem?

    1. If it fits in the basket, it should cook just fine. Just keep an eye on it and turn the cooker down if need be. You may also want to tuck the wings in to keep them from burning.


    1. You should just be able to cook your turkey in the basket that comes with the Big Easy. As far as the recipe using mayo, I haven’t ever tried this, but it seems like it should work in the Big Easy. Most anything without a high sugar content will turn out great in the Big Easy. Hope this helps!


  18. When you “season” the cooking chamber, do you “season” the basket too? It says in the guide to season all of the the cooking chamber but it doesn’t mention the basket.

  19. The top half of my turkey cooks fine and browns nice in the 3hrs i cooked it. The bottom of the turkey was cold and temp was 120. What is the problem

    1. Mark- Was the mesh lid left on the top the entire time? If so, this will trap heat around the top of the cooking chamber and actually cause the top of the food to finish before the bottom. For a thorough cook and crispy skin, only put the top lid on for about the last 20 to 30 minutes. Hope this helps to get you back up and grilling. – Dustin

  20. I thought that I might mention this. I asked my daughter to buy a turkey for the Big Easy because we were out of town. She bought a 18 pounder and
    I thought well I am gonna try it anyway. Well, I figured from past experiences that the turkey’s that I have done in the past were cooked for
    nine (9) minutes per pound and they were perfect. Everytime I have checked the temp and when it reached 162 degrees I take them out and cover with tin foil for about 30 minutes. This time was no exception…… 9 minutes per pound and when the temp read 162 degrees I took it out. When I did carve it, the meat was very tender and juicy. Everyone proclaimed it was the best Turkey I had fixed.
    Seasoning was Tony Chachere’s Original Creole seasoning and McCormick Perfect Pinch Savory All Purpose Salt Free. I brushed the turkey with light coat of Olive Oil and then applied the seasoning then covered the
    turkey with tin foil and placed it in the refridgerator over night. The next morning I took the turkey out of the refridgerator and let sit for about an hour then put the turkey in the Big Easy.
    NOTE: Clean Up……After the turkey is removed from the Big Easy I spray the pan with Easy Off Oven Spray and when I wash the pan it is so easy to clean.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to All !!!!

  21. I thought I read where the legs should not be tied together but then looking at some photos, it seems they are. What is the recommendation for the legs in the Big Easy?

    1. Ray – This can be done, but to make sure that the turkey is completely cooked through we recommend it being cooked breast up. Please reference your Big Easy cooking guide. – Dustin

  22. I am confused. I cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving and it was perfect. It cooked in 2 hours. I am cooking one for Christmas and it has been cooking for 4 hrs and it is still not done and not crispy. Any ideas?

    1. Sam – When cooking, in the Big Easy, is the lid being left on the entire time? This can cause the bottom of the turkey to not get done as quickly as the rest. Ambient temperature can also play a major role in in cooktime. If it is a gas Big Easy the regulator may need to be reset. Follow this link to create a case with us and we will be able to further troubleshoot this… – Dustin

  23. I have the 2in1 Elec Roaster. I seen comments speaking about not putting the top on the gas version until the last 20-30 minutes cooking time for a turkey to properly cook/brown. With the roaster 2in1 elec is that the same rule also? The roaster top is a solid cover.

    1. Glen – I would suggest to cook with the top up for the first 30 – 45 minutes and if it looks like it is cooking fast enough for you, continue to cook with the top up. If not, close the lid, but check on your food every 15 minutes or so to make sure the top is not burning. If you are smoking on a lower power level (you must first start the smoking process on high then back the power level down), you can certainly cook with the lid down to keep the smoke inside your cooking chamber. Let us know if you have any more questions.

      Thanks – Michael

  24. It gets pretty cold here. I was looking at your electric model and wondering how effective it would be on a turkey when its 4-14 degrees out? Sounds crazy but we still use our grills for steak and burgers when we have a few feet of snow.

  25. Just finished cooking a 6 LB chicken at the fire station in the big easy. It took almost 3 hours!!! And when we finally carved into it, it was very dry. This was going to be a practice run for our families thanksgiving this Sunday, and then used again on Thanksgiving for the crew at the station. It seemed like it never really got too hot. The flame was on and everything looked correct. I’d love some help before the family gets together in two days, or its old school peanut oil time again.

    1. Steve – You will want to cook the chicken around 15 minutes per pound. If this was the first time cooking with the Big Easy, the cook time can be longer. This is because the Big Easy improves with higher temperatures and faster cook times the more it is seasoned and used. If you are unable to get a sufficient temperature, try removing the regulator from the tank for a full minute, and then reattach it by hand tightening it. Cooking with the Big Easy will take much less time overall, because there is no preheat time, and it only takes around 15 minutes for the cooker to cool down as opposed to the amount of time it will take for oil to cool before disposing of it. For more information, I have provided a link to the cooking guide for The Big Easy. It is full of information, recipes, and cooking tips to get the best out of your cooker. Good luck, and please feel free to let us know if you have any more questions. Happy Grilling! -Neil

  26. Just bought the SRG and have a question. Does the metal cooking grate with the ring have to be on when using the basket?

  27. I’ve done just about everything in my Big Easy except a whole turkey. I’m going to try it this week but is brining neccessary with the big easy? My Dad used to brine our bird before smoking it but wasn’t sure about the Big easy?

    1. Kevin – When using the Big Easy brining can be done, but it is not a must. The Big Easy will not dry the meat so it is not necessary. Make sure that if brining or using any marinades that they are not very sugary as this can cause the bird to burn. Injecting can also be done to help add extra flavor. Keep us updated and let us know how your turkey turns out. Happy grilling! – Dustin

  28. I have the 2 in 1 Electric smoker roaster. About how long will it take to make a 16 lbs turkey if I want to try the deep fat fry. At level should I use? 14 or 15..

    I smoked one last year and it came out perfect but I really want to try the roasting or Deep Fat fry thing if it is worth it

    1. Mike – If you are wanting a faster cook in your Big Easy 2 in 1 then keeping the power level at 14 or 15 will be the best bet and provide the fastest cook. A 16 lb turkey should be completely cooked after about 8 minutes per pound. Use the temperature probe to ensure that the turkey has an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m glad to hear that your turkey turned out so well last year. Be sure to let us know how this year’s is. Happy grilling! – Dustin

    1. Manuel – I have seen positive results from cooking a turkey with the legs up, but it is not something that we would recommend. It may not be too late to flip it around, depending on how far into the cook it is. Be sure to let us know how everything turned out. – Dustin

  29. We had turkey this thanksgiving cook in a big easy. It was great! I was telling my sister about it she has a 26 lb turkey which is to big. If we had the butcher cut it in 1/2 could we cook it in a big and easy?

  30. I just received a Oil less fryer for my birthday and was wondering if I could bread chicken and make fried chicken in it?

    1. Angela – You certainly can if you’d like, but this unit is designed to allow you to fry foods without the need for breading or oils. All foods cooked inside of that Big Easy will come out with a delicious crust and you’ll be quite surprised with the outcome! Good luck with your future grillings and Welcome to the Char-Broil Family! – Mandy

  31. What is the cooking temperature of the Char-broil oil-less turkey fryer? Just curious what temperature it cooks at.

  32. I just bought the Big Easy Oil-less Turkey Fryer. I normally use a compound butter under the skin of the breast and all over the bird, then truss it up with cooking twine. Am I still able to do that when cooking in the Big Easy?

    1. Kerstin – This can definitely still be done. However, be careful not to use too much on the outside of the bird because it could cause the skin to cook faster and burn. – Dustin

  33. Dustin – Since I am using a compond butter should I wrap the turkey in foil first and then remove toward the end of the cooking time? Also my twine isn’t going to burn is it?


    1. Kerstin – The twine should be fine. The turkey can be wrapped in foil after it has been cooked and removed from the Big Easy, but we do not recommend ever putting foil around the turkey while it is still cooking in the Big Easy. – Dustin

    1. William – We recommend the breast of the bird be facing up when it is placed in the basket. Please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 for more information. – Dustin

  34. I’m incredibly frustrated with my Big Easy. My turkey is 10.7 lbs and has been cooking for 150 minutes and the internal temperature is still only 125-135 deg according to the thermometer that came with the unit. I’m taking the temperature in the thickest part of the breast. Thanksgiving meal is looking bleak.

    1. Ryan – We’re very sorry to hear this. It normally takes about ten minutes per pound to cook a turkey in the Big Easy. However, it can take longer in colder temperatures. The main thing is to make sure that the turkey reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 for more information. – Dustin

      1. Hello i have had my oiless for 3 years. I made 4 sheets of plywood 12by 25 and wrap it around the fryer so that the cold weather or wind do not affect my cooking time. If u send me your email i can send pics. I cook everything on high. Turkey 10 min per pound. The turkey i take out of fridge 1 hour before cooking and also turn on the big easy 30 minutes before placing turkey in fryer. I cook on high till i reach 165 then leave in basket for 30 minutes then i carve. Ribs i cook on high same setup turn oiless on 30 minuter prior and ribs sit outside of fridge for 1 hour before. Good luck

    1. Jim – The mesh lid only needs to be used around the end of the cook to help brown the skin. Give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 for more information. – Dustin

    1. Frank – You can try soaking the basket in a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water for a few hours or overnight if you can. This should help lift away any surface rust. Be sure to clean it real well with soap and water after your’re done and put a light coating of vegetable oil on the entire basket before using again and continuously before each use to help deter future rust. I hope this helps you! Happy Holidays and Happy Grilling! – Mandy

      1. I have used my big easy twice to do a turky. The problem is the internal temp reads 180 but when I go to put my bird in the pan blood comes out with the juice. What am I doing wrong.

  35. I just got my big easy 3 in 1 grill last night.I’m wondering on average how many hours cook time should I expect to see off one tank of propane.

  36. Hello,
    Just a quick question…
    Just purchased a Big Easy Oil-less fryer….Looking forward to “frying” my first turkey. I would like to usea little butter/olive oil compound under the skin, which I read is perfectly acceptable as long as you don’t go crazy with it.
    I Would also like to stuff the inside of the turkey with a half of an onion maybe a quarter of a lemon and and a couple of garlic cloves….for seasoning and aromatics. Would this be ok??
    Thanks very much!

    1. Ideally, you wouldn’t want to stuff the inside if the turkey. The onion, lemon and garlic could slide out of the turkey while it cooks or clog the hole at the tailbone. If the hole is clogged, the juices could build up inside the turkey and could splash when you remove it from the basket. Instead, you could mince the onion and garlic, mix it with lemon juice and either rub the outside of the turkey with the blend or use it as a marinade to inject the turkey with. Or, you could use garlic and onion powder or dried minced garlic and onion to rub the turkey with.

  37. Does the 10-15 min per pound for turkey still apply when using the big easy as a smoker on the low setting with the lid closed?

    1. The exact time will vary, but in perfect conditions 10-15 minutes per pound is average. It’s always good to plan for more time just in case.

  38. 18 lb turkey should cook for 180 minutes right?

    Also, my girl friend wants to rub a butter an herb blend under the skin before cooking. Then also wants to make gravy with the drippings. All is possible and recommended right?

    1. Depending on the environment and weather conditions, it should take about that time. I would prepare for more, just in case.

      You can rub the turkey with a dry rub before frying it, and you can use the drippings for gravy.

  39. I will be cooking a 14 lb. turkey in my Char Broil oil- less turkey “fryer”, for a church Thanksgiving lunch this coming Sunday. I will need to cook the turkey tomorrow, Saturday. I inject my turkeys. Can I beat it up in the oven on Sunday without drying it out. If so, what temp (200 degrees?), and for how long. The turkey will have to be in the refrigerator overnight, so it will be cold. Love my Char Broil ,!!!!!!!

    1. You can heat it up in the oven after cooking. I’m unsure as the temperature you want to set your oven to. Just keep in mind that when you remove the bird from the oven, it will continue to cook, so you may want to remove it before it’s hot-hot in the middle.

  40. I Start 5yrs ago get better every year I get the biggest bird I can buy. I was a BEER CAN CHICKEN STAND/RACK full with Rum. Asian Rub on skin and shoot the bird with Cajun Injector Creole Butter Cajun Best Drunken Turkey Every. never added oil on the outside . Use a wireless temp pager. GOM everyone will ask how you cook this bird. O the bird will need to be rolled slowly to out the bird on the plate.

  41. I just used mt oil less cooker with whole chickens and love it…I’m going to do a turkey next….here it says put thermometer in before you lower it into cooker….my question is ….does the thermometer stay in the turkey the whole cooking time

  42. Will cooking my 13 lb bird in 20 degree weather affect the cooking? If so what temp?
    Also, do you have a buttery injection that I could add and use in my big easy?

    1. The below freezing temperature will surely affect the cook time. You’ll most likely find that the bird needs to cook a little longer.

  43. I have cooked turkeys in oil and have smothered the outside with yellow mustard which added flavor to the skin. Is this OK in my Big Easy?

      1. Is it necessary to season the inside of my big easy each time I cook with it? Only used it once and have lost my user manual.

      2. I’m looking forward to cooking my 14.5 pound turkey in my new 3-1 SRL today, it sat in a brine for 24 hours and last night I rinsed and dried it off and injected it with a blend of apple juice and Wild Turkey’s American Honey, then I lightly lubed it with oil and made a nice seasoning rub. I haven’t read here if anyone has tried or even needed to use a beer can inside, but I have that in mind.
        Any thoughts?

        1. You can cook on high. If the food starts to brown faster than you’d like, you can lift the lid until the food is at the desired internal temperature.

  44. In the big easy oil-less fryer, can we add a foil packet of soaked wood chips in the bottom of the basket or under the basket?

    1. You want to be careful of using wood chips in The Big Easy oil-less fryer. You can use a foil “donut boat” with an open top in the same location to hold them in place, if necessary, otherwise you should be able to place a few wood chips in the cooking chamber toward the corner of the chamber where the burner would be closet.

  45. I’m getting ready to smoke a 13 pound spiral cut ham and can’t remember the settings for my 2 in 1 big easy electric smoker roster could you help

    1. Depending on what level you set the product, the timing will vary. If you’re cooking a pre-cooked sprial ham, it may take about 4 to 18 minutes per pound to get the internal temperature to 140F.

  46. I am cooking a 16.5 lb turkey in my new SRG. Do I cook it on high, med or low, to get the best desired results?

  47. Awesome works great I own a smoker and this is by far easier to use and makes food taste as good w.o smoke flavor chicken and turkey is delicious also did prime rib I would advise but a electronic thermostat from Groupon send cooking temp to an app that you can download on phone to check temp. I do chicken legs with tempura flour then dip in battered egg yolks then put in oiless fryer best legs ever and also get accessory kit.

  48. I cooked a Boston roast in parents Big Easy several years ago and have since bought my own. I cannot remember the cooking time per pound of the roast. Can you assist?
    8-10 pound Boston Roast (bone in).
    By the way it turned out excellent which is why I am wanting to try again.

  49. I know that the Big Easy is an “on and off” machine, but is there any difference on how “high” you turn the propane tank to? 2-3 turns? Open the valve all the way?

    Just bought the Big Easy and itching to try it out!

    1. Hi Kyle, at its highest setting The Big Easy cooks at the optimum setting for smoking, roasting and grilling. The convective heat that is produced by The Big Easy ensures that your food comes out fully cooked and juicy every time. For a prolonged cooking time, especially in the case of smoking meats, keep the burner on HIGH until the wood chips start to smoke, then turn the burner to LOW to achieve the right temperature for smoking.

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