Breakfast on the Grill

Eggs cooked in butter
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“A full English breakfast, please!”

It’s become something of a regular event for our family to take breakfast altogether on a Sunday. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, why not every other day of the week? Well it’s just the usual stuff called work, school, gym that gets in the way. I’m sure you can relate.

Having two teenage daughters doesn’t help either because, when it comes to the weekend, they are more than happy to lie in bed until half the day has gone. So, how do you get them out of bed? Cook breakfast! And not only that, get them involved and we really have some quality family time at least once every week. For the kids, it’s a reason to get out of bed and for me – well; it’s an excuse to have a great British fry-up! I can eat all that cholesterol knowing that I’m looking after my family!

But why use a frying pan on the stovetop when we’ve got a grill?

And when we’ve got a grill, why use a gas grill when one can really make it interesting by cooking breakfast on a Char-Broil® Charcoal Grill?

My favorite ingredients for a full English breakfast: sausage, bacon, egg, black pudding, and mushrooms (if you’re not familiar with black pudding, it’s a blood sausage from the pig.)

To make things more interesting, I like to grill the meat, mushrooms and black pudding as a kebab (kabob). You can include tomato too; it’s just not my thing (too healthy!). The bacon is wrapped around the sausage and then everything is threaded onto the skewer.

Now I bet you’re wondering about the egg – there are so many ways to do them. I often will fry the eggs on a cast-iron griddle placed on the grates over a bed of perfectly prepared charcoal coals. BUT, sometimes (and my kids love this bit!),
we make small molds out of foil, give them a liberal covering with oil, and then just lay them over the coals to heat up and crack in the eggs. To be fair, it’s a bit difficult to get the eggs out of the foil, but the satisfaction of having cooked everything over charcoal makes it worthwhile and it’s really all part of the fun.

Eggs cooked in butter for breakfast on grill

After the kebab has cooked for about 15 minutes and everything is done, just place the kebab between 2 lightly toasted pieces of French bread, squeezing the meat between the bread, and slide it off. Top the grilled meat with a fried egg and you’ve got my interpretation of a traditional English breakfast – on the grill.

Oh, and yes I know that it isn’t at “all English” to use French bread – but that’s the way I like it. Hope you enjoy putting your own spin on this family breakfast time!

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