Buying Second or Third Grills

Chris Grove
"Nibble Me This"
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take your grill to work day
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I was so excited when I was assigned this topic.  I don’t think Char-Broil could have picked a better person to write this because I have been practicing my arguments for this for years at home!  I must be good at it because as of this moment, I have 11 grills.  I have gas grills, kamado grills, kettle grills, electric grills, drum smokers and even a smoker trailer.

Here are just a few of the reasons that I think everyone needs at least two grills.

Sometimes Size Does Matter

  • If you do a lot of entertaining for your crowds of friends, then sometimes you might need more grilling space than one grill can provide.  Having a second grill that you can roll out can save the day.
  • On the flip side, there might be times when you are just cooking for one or two and don’t want to bother with firing up a humongous grill just to cook two burgers.  For example, I could have fired up my big 3-burner Char-Broil® Gourmet to cook this steak last summer but it was easier and more efficient to cook it on the smaller Char-Broil® Patio Bistro.
Vegas Steak
Strip Steak with Thai Chile Compound Butter – a recipe the All-Stars learned at Le Cordon Bleu last year.

Cooking Simultaneously

  • Two Meals – The most frequent need for multiple grills for us happens when I am smoking something on Grill A that is going to take 10-12 hours for dinner but it is lunch time and I’m hungry NOW so I’ll fire up Grill B for some quick hot dogs, brats or burgers.
  • Two Temps – At times you might want to grill at two different temperatures at the same time.
  • Two Set-Ups – There are times when you want to cook one recipe over direct heat while another dish cooks over indirect heat.

For example,  I am cooking up a few racks of Memphis Dry Ribs on my big grill that is going to cook low and slow for a looooong time.  In the meantime, the Patio Bistro is perfect for firing up a few quick burgers for lunch.

Patio Bistro with Gourmet

Char-Broil Thermometers

Dual Fuel Is Cool

  • Many folks like the convenience of TRU-Infrared™ gas or electric cookers during the week but want to use coal and wood on the weekends when they have more time to relax.

Home or Away?

  • When you are at home, a lot of people want the biggest, baddest grill that will fit on their patio or deck. But maybe you do a lot of cooking away from home, like camping, catering or tailgating. I’ve even taken grills to work for office parties.  In those cases, you want something portable without sacrificing flavor or grill power.
  • If you have a vacation home, being able to keep a grill there is better than hauling one back and forth.

Last year we were throwing a shower for someone at work so I just took the small Patio Bistro in my car to the office. Hauling anything bigger would have been a hassle without a truck.

Patio Bistro

Despite it being windy and quite cold, it was The Little Grill That Could, cranking out enough pork tenderloin sliders for a big crowd.

pork tenderloin sliders

Call In The Specialist

  • Specialized grill equipment is designed to do things that regular grills can do but might not be the best option.
  • Smokers like the Oklahoma Joe Highland are the best example of a specialized “grill”.  Smokers are designed to create a moist, smoky environment over a long period of time.  You can do that on most other grills but they aren’t designed to work the same way and will take much more effort and attention. Likewise, most smokers aren’t great at cooking at higher temps.
  • The Big Easy™ Oil-less Turkey Fryer is a pro at cooking your bird or roast with no fuss or mess.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Grilled Apple and Sage Turkey that I did on my Char-Broil® TRU Infrared™ Gourmet gas grill but many folks find the Big Easy to be….well, easier. Imagine that.

Smokers are probably one of the most frequent types of “second grills.”

Oklahoma Joe Offset Smoker
Oklahoma Joe Offset Smoker


Patio Bistro, The Big Easy and the Gourmet.

So what are the right two grills?  That all depends on you.

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