Five Things You Thought You Knew About Grilling

Ribeye Filet
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There are misconceptions about grilling, and more than a few “facts” that simply aren’t true. 

In one sense, grilling is a simple concept. Fire plus food equals flavor. In another sense, it’s anything but simple because there are as many ways to do it as there are people doing it. Unfortunately a few of those folks are working with some bad information, which is causing them to struggle unnecessarily. See if any of these myths ring a bell.

Five grilling myths busted:   

1. Charcoal imparts flavor. False. Once charcoal briquettes are lit there is very little flavor left to impart. What produces flavor is the searing (infrared) heat of a very hot fire. It caramelizes the surface of the meat, intensifying the flavor and sealing in the juices.

2. All grills produce flare ups. Nope. Uneven air flow and grease dripping on the heated surface are what cause flare-ups. If the air flow is restricted and the grease vaporizes, flare ups are eliminated. And that means meat cooks evenly because there are no hot spots on the grill. Char-Broil® TRU-Infrared™ technology is a great example.

3. The higher the BTU rating, the more powerful the grill. Wrong. BTU (British Thermal Unit) measures how much gas is consumed, not power. There is no relationship between BTUs and power/heat. In fact, the lower the BTU rating, the less you’ll pay for propane.

4. Bigger is better when it comes to a grill. Not necessarily. Grills perform most efficiently when they’re the appropriate size for the job. If you’re cooking for two, you only need 200 square inches. For four people, it’s 300 square inches and for eight people it’s 600 square inches.

5. Infrared grills are expensive. False. They can run thousands of dollars but Char-Broil’s TRU-Infrared™ line of grills start below $300, allowing anyone to join the revolution of infrared grilling.

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