Five Tips for Updating Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Deck
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I’m the type of person who will grill no matter the weather (as was probably clear in my last post). I honestly love grilled food enough to do that, but I wouldn’t say the experience of winter grilling is particularly fun. It’s cold! But I brave the elements because I’m dedicated to making meals tasty and grilling is a great way to do that. But now that the weather is warming, I can see myself legitimately enjoying outdoor cooking again.

So in anticipation of the upcoming “grilling season,” let’s take a break from the recipes and “how to’s,” and look at some things we can do to spruce up our outdoor cooking area to make grilling as enjoyable as possible.

1. Patio Furniture
Adding some nice, comfortable patio furniture is a great way to enjoy grilling more. If all your dinner guests are inside and you’re outside, you’re gonna feel left out. Comfy seating options will entice a few of your guests to join you, and you can sit and talk while keeping a nose/ear on the sizzling food a few feet away.

Beach Style Porch by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Stedila Design

2. Pergola or Patio Cover of Some Sort
There’s nothing worse than being hunched over a flaming grill with the sun beating down on your back. Your guests don’t want to see sweat dripping off your face as you hover over the food they’re supposed to eat. Shade makes it more physically comfortable for you and more mentally comfortable for your guests.

Contemporary Landscape by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators Duncan Consultants
3. Bar Cart
Now that you have a covered sitting area outside, that’s obviously going to be “the place to be.” Find a bar cart like the one below and stock it with self-serve drinks. Put a cooler in the lower section and stock it with ice and sodas for the kids.
Industrial Bar Carts by Chicago Furniture & Accessories zopalo
4. Hanging Herb Planters
I vividly remember one summer evening, making dinner for my parents. As I was tending the grill, a breeze carried aromas from the nearby herb garden. The combination of smells was so pleasant, I picked a few stems of fresh oregano and basil, chopped them up and tossed my finished pork with them. That dish has been a favorite summertime meal ever since. Use these hanging planters to riddle your cooking area with the scent of fresh herbs.
Contemporary Indoor Pots And Planters by Brooklyn Furniture & Accessories neo-utility
5. A Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Grill
Char-Broil makes all kinds of grills, including charcoal which is widely touted as “the best.” But something being “the best” is very subjective. I say, if you truly want to enjoy yourself while grilling, TRU-Infrared™ is the way to go. The entire surface heats evenly so you don’t have to constantly be moving food around. There are no flare-ups so you don’t have to worry about keeping flames in check. In short, this grill gives you freedom to enjoy visiting with guests and actually taking part in your own get together rather than being chained to an unstable cooking apparatus.


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