7 thoughts on “Grilled Hog Snapper Recipe

  1. I truely know the tastefull Hogfish. However as you point out they are usually personally caught/speared and not usually available to purchase from a seafood store. Now that I am no longer living in Florida or traveling freely to the Bahamas where they are also very abuntant, where might one obtain this tasty fish on the retail commercial market?

    1. Mike: purchased some hogfish at ‘whole foods’ today-it was presented as a whole fish for 9$ a pound or as filets for $20 a pound. You can guess I went with the whole fish and am happy with price, too.
      But talk with a fish monger in your neighborhood-they have connections!

  2. Be advised: the hogfish ( Lachnolaimus maximus) is NOT a snapper, but a member of the wrasse family. Hogfish have entirely different diets than any member of the snapper family, and thus have a different taste and texture. It is commonly misrepresented as a snapper but is of an entirely different species.

    1. Elmo – I believe Grill Grrrl notes that factoid in her post, however you have added more information that is very helpful too!

      ~ Welcome to the Cookout! Barry ‘CB’ Martin

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