Grilled Pizza Bar

Scott Thomas
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Trend alert! Pizza grilling parties are popping up in backyards and tailgate gatherings nationwide. And why not? What a great way to celebrate fun times! After all, there are a million different ways to grill pizza. What’s your preference? Premade crust or fresh dough? Red sauce or white? Traditional mozzarella or something more out-of-the-box, say goat cheese?

With so many combinations, offering your guests multiple choices is so much more fun than simply offering one or two pizza flavors. So set up a pizza bar, and let your guests pick their own sauce, cheese and toppings. Line up your ingredients from first used to last: crust, sauce, cheese and then toppings.

Pizza Bar Photoshoot

The crust: This is the foundation of the pie. We’re counting on it to deliver all the flavors that rest on it to our mouths! While some chefs may want to make their own signature dough, others may opt to purchase premade dough to save time.

The sauce: Tomato-based sauces are fine, but a pizza bar allows for variety and is a great time to try new options. Maybe your more adventurous guests will choose an Alfredo sauce or a basil pesto. Infused olive oils are another great option, and don’t forget your favorite barbecue sauce.

Mexican Pizza

The cheese: If the sauce is the heart of the pizza, the cheese is the soul. Mozzarella, most definitely, but you really can’t go wrong—after all, it’s cheese! Try Romano or Asiago, or maybe sprinkle some blue cheese crumbles for a dramatic departure from the traditional.

The toppings: Finally, the toppings. So many choices…so little time. One great benefit to grilling pizzas is the option to use fresh grilled toppings. Think grilled meats, vegetables, even fruits such as pineapple! Grill them to perfection, then chop them up to make perfect pizza toppings.

Grilled pizza toppings


Now that the line-up is complete it’s time to grill your pizza!


Preheat your grill to medium high for indirect cooking. Light one side of your grill only.

Roll out dough to your desired thickness.

Brush vegetable oil on one side of the crust.

Place crust on the grill grates, oiled side down.

Brush top of dough with oil.

When bottom of pizza dough browns, flip it over and remove it by placing on an individual cutting board next to the pizza bar.

Add your sauce, cheeses and toppings.

Put pizza back on the grill until cheese melts. If bottom browns before cheese melts, slide the pizza over to the unlit side of the grill and close lid for a few moments.

Place pizza back on your cutting board, slice and eat.

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