Grilling Checklist for the Perfect Backyard BBQ

David Olson
"A Bachelor And His Grill"
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Image of Grilled Brats | Char-Broil
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The month of May – annual 30-day period in which Americans collectively prepare for and commence National grilling season. As dusty covers are removed from those old stainless steel, fire-breathing, meat searing machines, which (for better or worse) will undoubtedly take residence upon your back porches, it may be necessary to take inventory 0f and action upon this year’s, “Outdoor Grilling Checklist for the Perfect Backyard BBQ.”

First and foremost – A true grill master prepares for any and all grilling occasions. During neighborhood summer parties you’ll find Your’s Truly commanding all culinary activities from the helm of a gorgeous Commercial TRU-Infrared 4-Burner Gas Grill – Caramelizing blueberry-bourbon barbeque chicken, searing filet mignon or grilling a seafood boil. But, never far off is the Rolls Royce of Charcoal Grills, my CB940X – Slowly barbequing mouth-watering pork ribs, developing a thick crust around brisket, or cultivating the smoky essence in thick, succulent cuts of rib eye steak. For quicker date night dinners, I love the ability to plug in my jet black Patio Bistro Electric Grill, searing lighter dishes such as fish, fruits & vegetables to perfection. Last, but not least, mobility is key for an adventurer, wanderlust or tailgater-extraordinaire – Whether it be a weekend hike with my son or trekking to the stadium with buddies for pregame partying, a Grill2go Portable Grill is always loaded in the rear of my SUV – incredibly light, one-click start & heats up to +650F within 10minutes!

Now. The key to consistent performance and longevity of the aforementioned grill is degree of user care provided.With that said, all grill masters know a clean grill grate is a happy grill grate – Regularly season, brush, and always Cover your grill when not in use. Further instruction for grill maintenance is provided within your user manual or can be found by clicking, here.

Status Check – You have the right grill for the right occasion. Grates are clean, lean, mean and piping hot. Priority numero dos – Assess your outdoor cooking accessories.

A grill master’s took kit always starts with Portable Cooler and Ice Container (containing several choice chilled beverages), a pair of beer bottle openers (one is just never enough), razor sharp carbon fiber chef’s knives, multiple hardwood cutting boards (at least one for raw meat, another for cooked meats, and on final board for produce), a collection of handsome Long-handle Outdoor Cooking Utensils, one manly grilling apron, and set of protective high heat leather BBQ Gloves.

Right grill. Check. Clean grill. Check. Well-accessorized. Check. Brewski cracked open. Check. But, before that party gets started, ensure you avoid the ultimate backyard BBQ faux pas – RUNNING OUT OF FUEL!

Although Char-Broil grills are manufactured with patented efficiency technology, it’s critical to have a spare tank of propane on hand (for those without a dedicated gas line to their grill). With plenty of fuel on hand, crank up +36,000 BTUs, and get down to the business of commercial-grade searing!  On the other hand, if operating one of Char-Broil’s trusted charcoal grills, I’d recommend wasting no time – super heat and ignite those those coals with an electric charcoal starter and chimney.

With your grill now firing on all cylinders, a true backyard barbeque hero begins the process of cultivating and layering flavors within their fare.

I love using a variety of Wood Planks and Wood ChipsOften I find that a bold dry rub, liberally applied to all portions of a thick steak, whole chicken or pork butt, helps the protein in absorbing the rustic, smoky hardwood flavors, while intermittently basting with homemade marinades locks in those flavors, while maintaining a desirable degree of external surface moistness.

Your gorgeous new grill is delivered, sexy accessories wrapped around your tool belt, a full tank of fuel in reserve, & a lumberyard of wood ready to smoke. But, above all, the number one recommendation this grilling season is, “Remove the guesswork!”

You are not Bobby Flay and no one can accurately assess the doneness of a steak by poking, prodding or palpating their chin, forearm, or palm of the hand. Avoid compromising USDA food safety guidelines, the health of yourself and dinner guests – Employ the use of this ultra brand new, Instant-Read Digital Thermometer.  Perfect internal temperature = happy guests. Happy guests = returning guests. Just remember that your thermometer is not a watch – Cook to temperature, not recipe time.

So, there it is. From soup to nuts. The top recommendations for a grill master’s outdoor cooking checklist. Cheers! -David

p.s. You can’t cook what you can’t see. Shed some light on your barbeque!

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