Food tastes better fresh off the grill. And we’ve got a never-ending supply of one-of-a-kind mouth-watering recipes to prove it.

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Smoked Corn on the Cob

Smoking isn’t just for big cuts of meat, though, let’s be honest, it is pretty darn amazing at bringing out the top flavors after a long slow cook of just about every cut of meat. It’s also a versatile tool for prepping all varieties of foods with it’s signature hardwood flavor. At our Char-Broil Nights Read More

Tailgating Recipe – Brown Sugar and Beer Brined Wings

I don’t think that there is a better food for tailgating than wings.  First, wings are one of the first foods that I think of when tailgating comes up.  Second, they are flexible in terms of flavor profiles, you can take them in about any direction that you want to go.  Third, wings are easy Read More

Grilled Haute Dog Bar

According to the National Hotdog and Sausage Council (yes, there is truly a National Hotdog and Sausage Council), from Memorial Day to Labor Day, 818 hotdogs are consumed every second in the United States of America. Yes. 818. Every. Second! Do the math. That’s one collective nation of hotdog-loving Americans feverously devouring 6.8555 billion hotdogs Read More

Best Smoked Salmon Recipes

One of the best things about salmon is how the natural flavors of the fish pair with the taste of smoke, not to mention the great health benefits of salmon.  No matter if you prefer a light and lemony taste or a savory spice blend, our top four favorite recipes for smoked salmon will have Read More

Mind Your Minutes: Tips for How Long to Smoke Salmon

Smoked salmon is a tasty, savory treat that is simple to make.  It requires almost no more attention beyond just preheating the grill or smoker and placing the fillets on the grates.  With such an easy protein, the most difficult step of making smoked salmon truly is waiting for the delicious-smelling fish to finish roasting. Read More

How to Use a Brine with Smoked Salmon

Using a brine before you make smoked salmon is great way to bring some added flavor to a high-quality fillet of fish.  Try our recipe for brown sugar smoked salmon brine and taste the amazing difference a brine can make.   Steps to Using a Smoked Salmon Brine: Make brine: Wet brines have two essential Read More

Easy Recipe for Spicy Smoked Fish Fillets

Smoked fish is making its way onto the plates of people everywhere because of its delicious, light flavor and tender, flaky texture.  This versatile protein is amazing grilled, oven roasted, or pan fried, but our favorite fish dish is cooked up in the smoker.  In this blackened smoked fish recipe from Char-Broil, fish fillets of Read More

Smoking 101: How to Make Smoked Salmon

Make a perfect fillet of smoked salmon that will not only be a tasty treat, but will also be a feast for your eyes!  After slow roasting in the smoker, salmon transforms into a true culinary masterpiece – thick flaky sections of meat become tinted in a beautiful light pink color.  Rich and buttery, the Read More

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