Food tastes better fresh off the grill. And we’ve got a never-ending supply of one-of-a-kind mouth-watering recipes to prove it.

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Great Grilled Crab Cakes

Grill a Maryland-style crab cake on a charcoal grill using a cast iron skillet and high heat to recreate a broiling

Smoked Pork Chops With Apple Onion Compote

smoke pork chops in the Digital Electric Smoker and top them with a sweet apple onion

How To Grill The Perfect Lamb Chop

Don't overthink grilling the perfect lamb chop with these

Buffalo Chicken Bruschetta

Check our this delicious buffalo chicken bruschetta recipe for a tasty tailgating

Grilled Greek Chicken Breasts

Make this Greek-inspired vinaigrette seasoning for tasty Greek chicken

How to Grill the Best Grilled Cheeseburger

Making the best grilled cheeseburger is all about the meat seasonings and the grill. Check out these tips for how to grill the best

Blowtorch Ribs

Grill ribs using indirect heat, but finish them off with a blowtorch. It's simple results with fall-off the bone

Smoked Bacon-Wrapped Country Style Ribs

Ribs are by far one of the most grilled and smoked meats, but have you tried ribs wrapped in