Food tastes better fresh off the grill. And we’ve got a never-ending supply of one-of-a-kind mouth-watering recipes to prove it.

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Orange Ginger Grilled Chicken Recipe

Ya’ll, I’m supposed to be talking to you about the best grilled chicken recipe ever. But I am not even sure what that is. Some people love traditional BBQ sauce on grilled chicken. Some people love an oil- and lemon-based glaze. And I love a simple sweet/salty/spicy glaze on my grilled chicken. And because I Read More

The Best Skirt Steak Sandwich Recipe

Want to impress your guests at your next outdoor barbecue party? Try a succulent skirt steak sandwich dressed with peppers, onions, melty cheese and an herbed mayonnaise. A red wine marinade gives the steak an extra boost of flavor. Aside from the 3-4 hours the steak is marinating in the refrigerator, this recipe comes together quickly. Read More

Jack Daniels Pulled Pork

Everyone loves pulled pork, but adults love it so much more when it’s flavored with the kick of Jack Daniels and smoked with their signature wood chips. Pulled pork is great to serve at parties because it feeds a crowd and you can even make it in advance, freeze it and just thaw, reheat and Read More

How to Make a Dry Rub

Knowing how to season food properly is the first step toward culinary freedom –  you aren’t reliant on pre-made spice mixtures but on your own palate and know-how. And you’d be surprised just how easy making a dry rub seasoning is once you understand the influence different spices have on foods, both in flavor and chemistry. First and foremost, Read More

Capt. Jack’s Bundt Pan Meatloaf in The Big Easy®

Meatloaf is a simple-to-prepare menu item that can be made using ingredients you have on hand. Add or substitute at will — bread, eggs, spices, herbs, etc. Preparing meat loaf in a bundt pan is a very easy way to elevate a common meal to something special – and placing the whole thing in The Read More

BBQ Sauces You Can Make At Home

BBQ sauce is the crowning finish to any grilled or smoked meat.  There are strong lines of division throughout the country as to sauce preferences. The overall winner in popularity is a thick, sweet ketchup and sugar-based sauce – often referred to as a Kansas City-style sauce. You see them in the stores in mass Read More

How to Grill Salad

Bringing salad to life the outdoor griller’s way. So the meat and fish are on the grill and cooking merrily away. While you’re waiting for them to finish is an ideal time to put on some romaine lettuce wedges. I like to cook these fast, just long enough to get a little grill mark. Serve Read More

Basic Beef Mop Sauce

Though it may not sound like fun, mopping in grilling is actually a wonderful way to enhance flavor to meats. It’s particularly beneficial to use with tougher cuts of meat that need long cooking over low heat. A mop sauce is a thin liquid, often based on tomato juice, vinegar, apple cider, beer or a Read More