Roasted Corn On The Grill

Roasted Corn on the grill
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I love roasted corn and I’ve seen dozens of different recipes for preparing corn on the outdoor cooker – most of which require an extraordinary amount of extra effort and spices and such to make the corn taste – well – in my humble opinion (IMHO) not like corn at all.  If you’ve never tried roasting corn on you grill may I offer my sure-fired EZ method that will make tasty corn on the cob and is most likely the easiest way to prepare it – outside of having someone else do the work.  Say – come to think of it – have someone else do this and it’s gonna be perfect!

First – fresh sweet corn is the best.  If you have access to corn fresh from the field – perfect. Or if you can get it fresh at the store still on ice so the sugars in the corn haven’t begun to turn to starch (think of bananas after a few days) that is also pretty darn good.  Remove it from the bag and toss it on the hot grates over direct heat. Close the hood.

Roasted Corn on the grill

Fresh sweet corn has plenty of moisture in the husks. Place it directly on the hot grates and char each side, using tongs to turn. I keep the hood closed between turns. How long? Until the husks char! Check it when you smell or see a bit of smoke rising outta the grill – indicating the husks are charring.

The husks will char when they release their moisture. Make sure you char on all sides. You may need to experiment to see what degree of char on the outside, delivers the results you prefer on the inside!

Roasted Corn on the grill

Lift the hood, and use tongs to turn the corn so it chars on all sides. This will take a couple of turns and, depending upon the heat of your grill, a few minutes per side. I use a Premium TRU-Infrared™ grill by Char-Broil®, and I can testify, it is boy-howdy hot…so it doesn’t take as long. (I can also cook low & slow on it so that makes me very happy!) Charred corn may be finished on the warming rack while cooking the rest of the meal.


When the corn is charred on all sides, you may continue to roast it on the warming rack while you prepare your grilled meats or – if you are like me – you will want to use tongs to remove at least one of the roasted ears, then grasp it near the stalk end using a good dry cotton towel or protective glove — because it’s HOT. Use the other hand to pull back the charred husks to expose the hot kernels that have steamed in the moisture present in the husks (it was fresh corn, right? – if it isn’t too fresh you can soak the ears to ensure there is moisture present before roasting.)


Holding the cob in one dry-towel-covered hand, I pull back the hot steaming husks to reveal perfectly roasted corn. I use a paper towel or clean cotton towel to quickly twist and remove the cooked silks before rolling on plated cube of butter, salting and peppering – and enjoying. There you have it…an EZ recipe for a Dee-lish-us! experience.


3 thoughts on “Roasted Corn On The Grill

  1. Easy Cornsilk & husk removal.
    Let the corn cool from being on the grill.
    Cut the bottom stalk part off, then cut the tip of the silk end off.
    hold the ear by the silk end and shake the ear out through the bottom. the ear will come out without the husk or silk!!


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