The Grilling Life

Fire it up. Some of life’s best memories happen around the grill.

Grilled Pumpkin with Cinnamon Whiskey Glaze

As soon as the first fall nights turn crisp, it seems like everyone goes wild for pumpkin or anything flavored with pumpkin seasonings.  Here is a simple way to satisfy that craving on your grill.  Grilling pumpkin is quick and easy.  One of the major flavor pairings for pumpkin is cinnamon so I thought I’d Read More

Spicy Honey Maple Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham

Spiral sliced hams are one of the easiest things to smoke because all of the hard work has already been done for you.  The smokehouse has already trimmed, cured, and smoked the ham.  It’s fully cooked, all you are doing is reheating it and adding a special touch or two.  This recipe works with a Read More

Maple Bourbon Glazed Pork Chops with Sweet Potato Mash

Bourbon and BBQ go hand in hand. Bourbon and BBQ are both deeply entrenched in and arise from Southern culture. They are flavor partners and share many common flavor affinities. But what I really think pairs them together is the smokiness. The subtle smokiness of bourbon comes from being aged in charred oak casks and it perfectly Read More

Peppercorn-Encrusted and Smoked Heritage Turkey

Simplistic in preparation. Elementary in execution. Perfection on the plate. This peppercorn-encrusted and smoked heritage turkey is among my favorite main courses to serve for a crowd. And, furthermore, what all Pit Masters know to be true – turkey is best served to guests on any special occasion, not just Thanksgiving! See below for 5 Read More

Quick BBQ Chicken with Grilled Apples

There is something about grilling over charcoal that leads people to believe it takes hours. That’s not really the case at all. With the quick light of our Halftime Chimney Starter and the even heat of the Kettleman grill grates, cooking over the coals on a busy weeknight is a breeze. This char-grilled BBQ chicken Read More

Tailgating Hero – Chili Sauce for Hot Dogs, Burgers, and Nachos

Chili sauce is what I call a tailgating hero.  Tailgating heroes are foods that are multipurpose and can be prepared ahead of time.  Just like the hero of a sports team makes his teammates better players, a tailgating hero makes every food it goes on just a little better.  Chili sauce fits role perfectly. Which is Read More

Smoked Corn on the Cob

Smoking isn’t just for big cuts of meat, though, let’s be honest, it is pretty darn amazing at bringing out the top flavors after a long slow cook of just about every cut of meat. It’s also a versatile tool for prepping all varieties of foods with it’s signature hardwood flavor. At our Char-Broil Nights Read More

Tailgating Recipe – Brown Sugar and Beer Brined Wings

I don’t think that there is a better food for tailgating than wings.  First, wings are one of the first foods that I think of when tailgating comes up.  Second, they are flexible in terms of flavor profiles, you can take them in about any direction that you want to go.  Third, wings are easy Read More

Grilled Haute Dog Bar

According to the National Hotdog and Sausage Council (yes, there is truly a National Hotdog and Sausage Council), from Memorial Day to Labor Day, 818 hotdogs are consumed every second in the United States of America. Yes. 818. Every. Second! Do the math. That’s one collective nation of hotdog-loving Americans feverously devouring 6.8555 billion hotdogs Read More

How To Grill Brats and Brat-jitas

In August of each year, thousands of people who love bratwursts descend upon Sheboygan, Wisconsin for the Brat Days festival. It celebrates the popular sausage with a huge weekend of brats, music, a brat eating competition, and fun. You can get a single brat, a double, or an Oostburger (a split brat on top of Read More

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