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From perfect sear marks to how to clean your grill, we give you insider tips that will have you grilling like a pro in no time.

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Mind Your Minutes: Tips for How Long to Smoke Salmon

Smoked salmon is a tasty, savory treat that is simple to make.  It requires almost no more attention beyond just preheating the grill or smoker and placing the fillets on the grates.  With such an easy protein, the most difficult step of making smoked salmon truly is waiting for the delicious-smelling fish to finish roasting. Read More

Know When It’s Done: Smoked Brisket Temperature Guide

No doubt if you’re planning to smoke brisket, you’ve already done some searching to find the best dry rub, the best marinade, and the best smoking wood flavor.  With all that goes into making a smoke brisket great, don’t forget to find the best temperature to cook your smoked brisket at as well.  Here are Read More

Apple Cider Brine for Smoked Pork Loin

Pork loin has little fat, so the meat doesn’t have a source of moisture to keep it juicy while smoking.  One solution to this is using a brine.  Not only can brines tenderize and add flavor, but they also give a juiciness to meats that soak in even extra moisture.  Try this recipe for apple Read More

Smoked Pork Butt, Shoulder, Loin, and Ribs Cooking Times and Temperatures

When it comes to the ideal BBQ protein, pork takes the blue ribbon for the all-around perfect choice.  The tender, pink meat smokes up with delicious bacony flavor that BBQ dreams are made of.  Not to mention the great versatility of different pork cuts – between chops, shoulders, roasts, or pork belly, the choices for Read More

Grilled Whole Fish How-To plus Recipe

Grilling fish is a great way to cook up a healthy dinner that looks beautiful in no time.  Don’t be too quick to trim up that fish fillet though.  Even though it’s easy to be intimidated about eating whole fish, there are many benefits to cooking the fish with bone, skin, and head included.  The Read More

Temperature Control: Timing Guide for Smoked Chicken

One of the most convenient luxuries of cooking with a digital electric smoker is that there is little to no fuss when preparing food like smoked chicken.  All you really need to do is check the internal temperature to be sure it reaches the target temperature of 165°F. It may be tempting to just cook Read More

Simple Smoked Chicken Brine Recipe

Using a rub or marinade is a great way to pack flavor into your smoked chicken, but using a smoked chicken brine can actually help keep the meat moist while cooking and add flavor at the same time. Because cooking with smoke can be a lengthy process, be sure that your smoked meat won’t dry Read More

Cooking Time Guide for Smoked Turkey

Whether it’s smoked, fried, roasted, or grilled, turkey is a delectable alternative to chicken year-round.  With so many different cuts (breasts, wings, legs-oh my!), it may be tricky trying to decide how long to cook your turkey of choice.  We’ve broken it down to give you the scoop with this guide for smoked turkey cooking times. Read More

Smoking Guide: How to Cook Smoked Turkey Legs

A trip to the amusement park, carnival or fair is never complete without treating yourself to giant turkey legs dripping with amazing smokey flavor.  Make your own smoked turkey legs for a medieval dining experience right in your own home. They are a breeze to make- once they’re flavored, just throw the turkey legs in Read More

Grilling guide: How to use wood chips

Using a smoker isn’t the only way to get great smoky flavor into your favorite foods- you can easily transform any grill into a smoker by simply using wood chips.  Here’s everything you need to know about how to grill with wood chips. 1. Choose your wood flavor.   The multiple varieties of wood flavors Read More

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