Grilling with a Wood Plank

Grilling with a plank is a form of indirect cooking because once you’ve added your meat to the plank, it should not be placed directly on or over the heat source. Cooking with indirect heat is ideal when you’re grilling foods that may burn in direct heat.

When grilling with a wood plank, you can cook just about any small pieces of meat to achieve the same great indirect cooking technique. But, salmon will probably always be considered the original plank-food.

When indirect grilling with a wood plank, the plank serves two purposes: 1) a heat shield and 2) flavoring food. Many people stick with grilling salmon or other types of fish on a plank, but you can experiment by grilling other meats, vegetables, fruits and even cheese.

With indirect grilling, it will take longer for your food to cook because it will not be directly above the heat, but the results are unlike direct grilling.

** If you have a gas grill, turn half of the burners on. If you have a charcoal grill, place the charcoal on one side of the grill. **

How to Grill with a Plank

  1. Soak the plank for about an hour in water.
  2. Place it on the grate above from the heat.
  3. Close the grill lid until the wood starts to smoke.
  4. Flip the plank.
  5. Place your food on the plank and move the plank away from the heat- on the other side of the grill.
  6. Close the lid and keep the grill lid closed to maximize smoking.
  7. When the food is done, remove the food from the plank.

Cleaning A Wood Plank After Grilling

  1. Place the plank in water.
  2. Rinse it with soap and water.
  3. Let it dry and store in a clean place.

Plank Grilling Tips

Before you grill. Soak the plank with one tablespoon of salt and one cup of wine or juice to accent the wood’s natural flavors. Or try rubbing the wood with oil and herbs to enhance the flavors.

If cooking fish with the skin on, add a bit of cooking oil to the side of the plank you plan on putting the fish.

Depending on what you’re grilling, try different types of untreated wood planks- cedar, oak, alder, hickory, maple, cherry and apple.

Use a spray bottle of water to put out any flame-ups or flames on the plank if it starts to burn.

You can reuse a grilling plank two to three times or crumble the charred pieces and use as smoking wood chunks.