Tips for Grilling with a Rotisserie

You no longer have to drive to the grocery store, wait for the rotisserie to be done, pick out your chicken, wait in another line to pay and then drive home. You can grill the perfect rotisserie chicken at home, and it’s easy!

The key is buying a rotisserie that will turn at a constant speed so that your meat is cooked evenly and quickly so that the outside sears to hold in the natural juices. Char-Broil offers different rotisserie models that fit a variety of grill models, but if you’re not sure which one you need, the universal rotisserie expands to fit grill fireboxes up to 24” wide.

Once you’ve set up your rotisserie, choose your favorite seasonings for a marinade or baste. If you prefer a sugary-style BBQ sauce, wait until the last ten minutes to baste the meat - sugary sauces can char.

How Long do I Leave it on the Rotisserie?

No matter what recipe you follow, the cooking times are estimated depending on the size of the meat you’re cooking. And, like grilling directly on the grates, wind, air temperatures and humidity can affect the cooking time.

But, we generally recommend the following cooking times.

Is it done?

It’s a little harder to test the doneness of meat when cooking with a rotisserie, so to avoid overcooking, stop the rotisserie motor about 15 to 20 minutes before the estimated cook time and test the internal temperature of the meat.

The temperature will rise more rapidly at the end of the cooking time than at the beginning. And, unlike oven roasted food, rotisserie grilled food does continue to cook after it is taken off the rotisserie. However, all roasts should rest 5 to 10 minutes after cooking to allow the juices to settle and to make carving easier.

Tips for a Juicy Rotisserie Chicken

To be balanced, make the chicken as round as possible, so tie the bird with kitchen twine. Cross the drumsticks and tie them together. Then tie the wings together with another string at the first joint to the tips around the back of the chicken.

Run the spit rod through the breast, parallel to the backbone. It will run out through the body opening. Make sure it’s centered.

Attach the forks on the spit rod to the breast and tail areas. Be sure the forks press tightly so the chicken is secure.

Before you put it on the grill, roll the spit rod in the palms of your hands. It should easily turn. If it’s heavier on one side than the other, the bird isn’t balanced. Adjust the forks as needed.

Tips for a Tender Rotisserie Roasted Pork, Beef or Lamb

With a rotisserie, roasts brown and self baste to perfection while you relax.

Insert the rotisserie rod lengthwise through the center.

Adjust holding forks and test balance. If the meat is uneven, adjust as needed. Uneven weight distribution can place unnecessary strain on the motor.

Other Rotisserie Tips

  • If you are using cast iron grilling grates on your grill, remove them before installing a Char-Broil rotisserie kit. Leave the emitter inside the firebox to catch the drippings from the food as it rotates on the spit.
  • if you have a 4-burner gas grill with two of the u-shaped TRU-Infrared emitters (or troughs), try not to position the food in between them but over the center of one or both of the troughs.