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Mesquite Wood Chips, 2 Lb. Bag - Model 2184762

Model # 2184762

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Quick Overview

Ideal for smoking meats, poultry, vegetables, and fish.

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  • 179 cu. in.
  • All natural wood chips.
  • Approximately 2 lbs. per bag.


  • Best use in foods you are planning on grill or smoke quickly like chicken or fish.
  • You can use a smoker box or use a foil packet, simply cut off heavy duty aluminum foil large enough to include three handfuls of chips. Zeal the foil around the chips and poke several holes around the package with a fork. Place the package on the grill whole side up.
  • To use the chips on a charcoal grill once your coals are lit and turn grey place your chips directly on top of the coals.
  • Chips are better on a gas grill you can place the packet on top of the grates. On TRU-Infrared add the wood chips directly to the grates for great smoking flavor.
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