Patio Bistro® Electric

Not every home has the capability to accommodate the space necessary to facilitate the use of charcoal and/or propane grilling, but every modern home has one thing in common: Electricity. In fact the use of electricity for such task as grilling does not incur substantial expense. Therefore electric grilling is becoming the alternative answer for nearly every apartment dwellers and homeowners, alike, and the Patio Bistro is the perfect option for indoor and outdoor grilling. The electric Patio Bistro grill is perfect for small spaces, patios and balconies; the Patio Bistro electric grill is, also, great for on-the- go grilling. Combined with Char-Broil’s Infrared technology, the Patio Bistro locks moisture and natural juices. The Patio Bistro may be small, but it grills big flavor, making it the perfect electric grill!