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SMOKER TIPS - Can I use an extension cord?

For best performance, we do not recommend using an extension cord. If you must use an extension cord,  for your safety, use the following:

• Use only outdoor type with 3 prong grounding plug.
• Rated for 15 amperes or more
• Approved by UL
• Marked with a W-A and a tag stating “Suitable for Use with Outdoor Appliance”.
• Use the shortest length extension cord required. Do not connect 2 or more extension cords together.
• A 12 or 14 gauge extension cord of 50 ft. or less is acceptable.
• Do not use 16 or 18 gauge extension cords. Damage to household wiring and/or fire could result.
• Keep connections dry and off of the ground.
• Do not let cord hang over edge of table top or other items where it can be pulled by children or tripped over.

Preventing and stopping grease fires on your grill

Controller indicator light is not lit

If your control indicator isn't lit, it could be normal controller cycling. In that case, just increase the knob setting or wait for the light to cycle on. If that's not it, check your power and make sure the controller is fully seated in heating element bracket and grill is properly plugged into outlet. Also check for tripped household circuit breakers or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI). Or try a different outlet. patio-bistro-indicator

Grill stopped working

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) along with household circuit breakers can cause the electricity to your grill to be shut off if tripped. Less likely causes are a short in the element itself or a break in the insulation surrounding the internal wire of the element. If the element wire is bent, it is likely to come in contact with the sheathing and cause damage. Proper handling and storage of the element will help prolong its life. The thermostat for your grill should be stored indoors, in a controlled environment. Make sure that the thermostat is fully engaged into the element before each use. There could be moisture in the element and controller. Allow both parts to completely dry and try to use.   patio-bistro-thermostat-position-01   patio-bistro-thermostat-position-02   patio-bistro-thermostat-position-03   patio-bistro-thermostat-position-04   patio-bistro-thermostat

Grill isn't heating

First make sure your controller is on and that you have power. Be sure that your controller is fully seated in the heating element bracket and that your grill is properly plugged in and uses the correct extension cord (15 amps). Make sure that your household circuit breakers or GFCI (on a plug or switch plate) hasn't been tripped. If you've followed those instruction and it's still not heating, you could have a faulty controller or heating element. You will need to replace that.

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