How to Clean Your Char-Broil® Gourmet™ or Heatwave® Infrared Grill

After each use it is advised that you burn off any excess grease and food debris that has accumulated on your grates.

Turn the grill to HIGH and close the lid. Leave it on for around 15 minutes and this should turn any remaining food debris to ash. After the grill has cooled, yet still warm, remove any remaining food particles from the cooking grate using a wire brush. Baked-on food particles located on your grates can be removed with the metal scraper found on the back of your grill brush as well.

Periodically, as food debris accumulates in the infrared emitter, it is recommended that the grates be removed from the grill so that the infrared emitter can be cleaned and ash removed.

Separate the grilling grates from the infrared emitter and scrape the emitter lightly with the metal scraper found on the back of the grill brush.

After loosening the food debris in the bottom of the infrared emitter, the emitters can be dumped out. The cast-iron infrared emitters can also be tapped lightly together to remove excess debris and ash.

Always coat the grates and infrared emitter plates with a light coat of high-heat cooking oil after cleaning. This added layer of protection will help ensure your infrared grill will be ready for your next grilling experience.