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  1. 4 years ago
    Having used the Big Easy for over a year I just have to tell the world how great this greaseless fryer is. Over the past 14 months, using it on an average of twice a week, everything I make is superb! Turkeys, chickens, drumsticks, wings, roasts, loins and my favorite ribs all turn out exceptionlly well. My friends and relatives are always complimenting me on it's crispy juicy taste. They like the meats off of it so well that 4 of them actually purchased one for themselves. Funny thing! Last Thanksgiving I made some chicken legs and thighs for our dinner with our relatives. When I set the platter on the table my healthy & weight conscience daughter-in-law wouldn't touch it because she didn't want to eat fried foods. When I explained to her, that while it appeared to look deep fried, it was actually prepared in a 'greaseless fryer' and a lot of the normals fats in the chicken had actually dropped into the grease container. Needless to say my son bought one for them and they like it as well.
  2. 2 weeks ago
    I've had it for a couple years, everything that's been cooked is done fast and tastes great
  3. 12 months ago
    Space Maker
    When I remodeled my kitchen I had to have the nice high BTU Viking stainless steel stove. THEN came the holidays and once I put the turkey in the oven I had no room for any side dishes, so cooking that first holiday dinner was a nightmare. I saw the oil free turkey cooker in the store and new right away this was my salvation. We purchased it 2 days before Thanksgiving and just took a shot that it would work out. WOW, was everyone impressed, first of all it cooked it in a fraction of the normal cooking time, it was crispy on the outside and so juicy on the inside. And it has a fabulous drip pan with disposable liners that made the best gravy I have ever made. Clean up is practically nothing. Since that holiday I now use it in the summer (keeps my kitchen cool) I have the rack where you can cook 2 chickens at one time. A very versatile product and it delivers exactly what it promises- even easy cooking and easy clean up.
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  1. 5 days ago
    Well built and cooks great
    We bought one of these grills about a year ago when we got a small travel trailer. It's sturdy and works so well that sometimes I use it at home instead of our older full size Jenn-air gas grill. Since we don't normally need a large grill I'm thinking about buying a second one to use at home and only drag out the camper grill when we need more. I only use a 20 lb tank with a 10 foot hose. That way I can use the extra tank on our trailer or connect up to one on the deck at home. You can remove the regulator with the hose attached and stow it inside the latched grill for travel. I never tried it with the little bottles and probably never will.
  2. 2 months ago
    Great Portable TRU-Infrared!
    I have been a huge fan of the TRU-Infrared way of grilling on Char-Briol's full-size grills for years now. I refuse to grill a steak on any other kind of grill. Yes, they are that good. While the grill surface on the Grill2Go is not as sturdy as the new cast-iron overlays of their bigger brothers, it works just as well and is light-weight. I love the ease of removing the regulator/bottle so stowing it in my RV's outer compartment is a snap. I got 4 meals out of a canister of gas - including pre-heat, cook time, and burn-off. Have decided that it is NOT worth getting a larger bottle conversion. Only issue is not knowing exactly when the gas will run out. We hosted 4 other couples at our campground, made some filet's for them and all have told us they were the best steaks they have ever had. Including restaurants. My secret? Toss some mesquite wood chips right on the grill after preheat and just before putting on the steaks. Other tips: Keep it at full heat. Keep lid open. Flip once after juices appear on top. Remove after juices appear on top again. Easy! Seasoning: Montreal Steak seasoning on all cuts except filet mignon. For filet mignon, use heavy coat of kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.
  3. 4 days ago
    Cooks awesome meat!
    I bought this for use in my motorhome. The size is perfect for portability, fitting neatly into a basement storage bin. When new, it heated rapidly and cooked wonderfully! Seared well, left perfect grill marks and cools quickly for stowing. After a falling accident, the grill won't heat in a breath of wind. I just ordered a new regulator in the hopes that the regulator was damaged in the fall though it shows no outward signs. The reviews on this grill all mention the overpriced and cheaply made regulator so I am a bit worried. Customer service was very pleasant and helpful. Thank you Jacia! Why I didn't rate 5 stars is that even new, this grill struggled in cold weather. If the wind is blowing or the temps are in the 20's or 30's, this grill under-performs. The aluminum case dissipates heat quickly. I think a larger BTU rating would serve this grill nicely. That said, the Tru-Infrared burner system cooks so well I purchased the 3 burner patio grill for my home. That comes with iron grating which is an added benefit and I installed the natural gas conversion. It too struggles in the breeze and cold but unless it is 15 mph or above, it will still cook. Over all, the benefits of this grill make it
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  1. 1 week ago
    great grill
    This has to be the best grill no flarups geat size feeds four easily great generator for smoke the tast juicy meats fresh roasted veggies small foot print the tank last season and a half winter griller now on my. 5Th season RI north east no issues
  2. 11 months ago
    perfect for a small deck, cooks like a pro
    Assembly took just under and hour, easy to read instructions. The paint on the rear of the grill lid was chipped and peeling when I took it out of the box, contacted Charbroil with this issue and they quickly sent a replacement. Probably the best customer support I have ever worked with! Cooking: Getting the grill warmed up can take a little while (5-10 min) but it does a great job once it's at the correct temp. Meats come out flavorful and moist. However, chicken frequently stick to the grates so I would recommend spraying them with a canola oil before placing them on the grill. It may be because it is still somewhat new, but the grill gives off an odd flavor to vegetables that I don't care for. I am definitely happy with my purchase, this grill cooks everything quickly and thoroughly, without drying food out. Cleaning: Because of the design of the grate, cleaning can be tedious, messy, and nearly impossible. The cleaning tool provided with the grill is cute but does not get the job done. I did pick up a different multi surface grill cleaning tool recently and it makes cleaning much easier.
  3. 11 months ago
    A long time to liking......
    In late February or early March, I purchased the Patio Bistro as we have a townhome with a wrap around patio. The bistro looked compact and when it arrived I assembled it myself with virtually no problem. The automatic ignitor never worked and after repeated contact with Char-Broil, I did finally receive the correct part and to date it is now working like a charm. My husband has a tremor and the button ignitor is what he needs vs. match lighting. This product is excellent and makes a killer steak. The service at Char-Broil while sometimes was frustrating to get the right part, was good. They really never let the ball drop. It may have taken some time, but I gotta admit, customer service was excellent. I would recommend this company in a heartbeat!
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  1. 1 month ago
    My First Grill Purchase
    I did some research, since I bought my first house within the past 6 months and needed to buy a grill, which is my first grill. I decided upon this one because I wanted a grill that cooked using an infrared cooking system and has the option of using propane or natural gas for fuel, just in case I get natural gas where I live in the future. I opted to assemble the grill myself because I wanted to be able to fit the grill in my car and take it home myself, so I got one that was still in the box. It took me some time but I was able to assemble the grill with little to no issues. Cooking on the grill is great; the food looks like it was fire grill but still juicy on the inside of the food, which is why I like the infrared cooking system.
  2. 2 weeks ago
    Cooks Great
    Bought this grill at Lowes I almost bought the cheaper model I had a Perfect Flame for 6 years I love this grill cooks great Steaks come out so much better on this grill ten my old one
  3. 2 weeks ago
    Love this grill
    We have several grills over the years but this by far is the best one we have owned yet. We use our grill several times a week all year long in Florida. It get used more than the kitchen stove. The infrared is great. After seasoning the grill and reading all the instructions, we have learned great tips and even bought a rotisserie for it which also worked great.
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  1. 11 months ago
    My Second One
    I bought this bar-b-que because i bought one in 1998 and it lasted 16 years. It does great ribs, fajitas, steaks, smoked sauage, and burgers. It has all of the features that I need.
  2. 11 months ago
    You Own the Summer!
    I have had this grill for over a year and I love it! You have room for two full racks of ribs or a boatload of chicken and burgers or a celebration of veggies that can cook at their proper temperatures thanks to two levels of grilling or smoking genius!
  3. 12 months ago
    Awesome Grill
    This grill cooks food better than I could imagine. I have grilled steaks, smoked ribs, chickens, turkeys, and all kinds of vegetables. It burns evenly, helps the coals stay hot longer and shows no sign of wear even after a year.
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