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You can search by item description, for example "Heat Tent," but in order to ensure that the replacement part fits your grill, please search by your grill model number.

Your grill model number will have 8 to 10 digits.

Where do I find the model and serial number on my grill?
  • Gas Grills: the sticker will be located on the back panel of the grill or on the bottom shelf.
  • Gas Smokers: the serial number is located on the rear leg.
  • Patio Bistro: the sticker is located at the base in the rear section.
  • Neither charcoal grills nor charcoal smokers have model number stickers, so you must enter your model name, which you can find in your instruction manual

A few examples where you may find the serial number and model number on your grill include:
grill serial number
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Search By Model or Part # :