Emitters & Infrared Troughs

Your Red or Gourmet Char-Broil grill uses two types of heat transfers to ensure the best grilling experience with flavorful, juicy food. Basically, the grill burners warm the air underneath the trough, creating convective heat that warms the emitter trough before escaping out the front and back of your grill. As the emitter trough gets hot, it radiates infrared heat to the cooking grates. Because the hot air escapes the grill, it never surrounds your food, preventing your food from drying out. The BBQ grill emitter troughs are an important part of any infrared grill, which is why it’s important to keep the infrared emitters clean and cared for during routine grill maintenance. If the troughs become damaged, you want to replace them so that your grill can continue to function properly.