Char-Broil Classic 6-Burner C-69G5 - Model 463235713

Model # 463235713

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  • Primary cooking area: 650 square inches.
  • Total cooking area: 900 square inches.
  • 60,000 BTUs in primary cooking area.
  • 10,000 BTU side burner.
  • 5 stainless steel burners plus 1 searing burner.
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates.
  • Electronic ignition for a reliable start.
  • Casters and an enclosed cart offer mobility and storage.
  • Finish: black and silver.
  • Weight: 132.66 lbs.
  • Measures Approximately: 68"L x 21.25"W x 45.66"H.
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    Replacement Parts

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    Call Tag Part Name Price Each View Item
    A Firebox - Model G651-4800-W1 $ 89.99 Buy Now
    AA Drip Pan, For Sideburner - Model G430-0034-W2 $ 19.99 Buy Now
    AAA Match Holder With Chain - Model G401-0079-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
    B Main Burner -Tube Burner - Model G651-C400-W1 $ 12.99 Buy Now
    BB Porcelain Side Burner Grill Grate - Model G430-0053-W1 $ 8.99 Buy Now
    C Replacement Grill Burner - Model G651-1100-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
    CC ELECTRODE, F/ SB $ 4.99 Buy Now
    CCC Magnet Assembly - Model G213-0022-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    D Burner Electrode - Model G651-L903-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
    DD Electrode Wire for Sideburner- G507-0035-W1 $ 9.99 Buy Now
    DDD Heat Shield For Tank - Model G651-1206-W1 $ 15.99 Buy Now
    E Grommet For Regulator - Model G501-0039-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    EE Char-Broil Sideburner Lid - Model G430-0018-W1 $ 15.99 Buy Now
    EEE Door Pin, Fixed - Model G401-0053-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    F Carryover Tube for Grill Burner- Model G651-L902-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    FF BBQ Grill Sideburner - Model G651-M300-W1 $ 12.99 Buy Now
    FFF Weight Block - Model G651-0012-W1 $ 7.99 Buy Now
    G Heat Shield Firebox - Model G651-L901-W1 $ 7.99 Buy Now
    GG Retainer Clip - Model G405-0019-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    GGG Door Pin - Model G439-0036-W2 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    H Char-Broil 6-Burner Main Control Panel - Model G651-0043-W1 $ 39.99 Buy Now
    HH Control Panel For Sideburner - Model G651-M101-W1 $ 15.99 Buy Now
    I Electronic Ignition Module - Model G651-1300-W1 $ 12.99 Buy Now
    II Right Side Shelf - Model G651-B000-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
    J Button For Electronic Ignition Module - Model G409-0030-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    JJ Fascia For Right Shelf - Model G651-M001-W1 $ 15.99 Buy Now
    K Hose, Valve and Regulator Assembly - Model G651-4900-W1 $ 99.99 Buy Now
    KK Towel Bar - G651-0004-W1 $ 15.99 Buy Now
    L Bezel For Control Knob - Model G430-0027-W2 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    LL Tool Hook -Model G651-0005-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    M Chrome Plated Control Knob - Model G651-0044-W1 $ 3.99 Buy Now
    MM Char-Broil Grill Panel for Right Side - Model G651-B500-W1 $ 25.99 Buy Now
    N Char-Broil Outdoor Top Lid - Model G651-4700-W1 $ 99.99 Buy Now
    NN Char-Broil Grill Panel for Left Side - Model G651-B300-W1 $ 25.99 Buy Now
    O Classic Grill Logo Plate - Model G651-0016-W1 $ 7.99 Buy Now
    OO Bottom Shelf - Model G651-B400-W1 $ 49.99 Buy Now
    P Temperature Gauge - Model G430-0022-W1 $ 7.99 Buy Now
    PP Front Door Brace - Model G651-B800-W1 $ 15.99 Buy Now
    Q Bezel For Temperature Gauge - Model G404-0034-W1 $ 3.99 Buy Now
    QQ Char-Broil Gas Grill Left Cabinet Door - Model G651-M501-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
    R Char-Broil Bumper For Main Lid - Model G430-00B8-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    RR Char-Broil Right Cabinet Door - Model G651-M601-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
    S Large Silicon Rubber Bumper for Top Lid - Model G560-5002-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    SS Handle For Door - Mdoel G651-0045-W1 $ 9.99 Buy Now
    T TOP LID HARDWARE - G430-0024-W2 $ 4.99 Buy Now
    TT Char-Broil Back Grill Panel - Model G651-0046-W1 $ 39.99 Buy Now
    U Handle For Lid - G651-0040-W1 $ 15.99 Buy Now
    UU Tank Exclusion Wire - Model G651-7702-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
    V Heat Diffuser - Model G550-0006-W1 $ 5.99 Buy Now
    VV Grease Tray - Model G651-1200-W2 $ 35.99 Buy Now
    W Heat Tent - Model G651-0011-W1 $ 9.99 Buy Now
    WW Grease Pan - Model G416-0015-W1 $ 12.99 Buy Now
    X Porcelain Cast Iron Cooking Grate - Model G432-0002-W1 $ 31.99 Buy Now
    XX Rear Leg Extender - Model G408-0036-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    Y Char-Broil Grill Warming Rack - Model G651-0041-W1 $ 27.99 Buy Now
    YY Gas Grill Locking Caster - Model G350-0023-W1 $ 6.99 Buy Now
    Z Left Side Shelft For Sideburner - Model G651-B100-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
    ZZ Gas Grill Fixed Caster- Model G350-0024-W1 $ 6.99 Buy Now
    Bent U Pin For Caster - Model G350-0026-W1 $ 1.39 Buy Now
    Char-Broil Classic 6-Burner Product Manual (English) - G651-220801-W1 $ 6.99 Buy Now
    Char-Broil Classic 6-Burner Product Manual (Spanish) - G651-220802-W1 $ 6.99 Buy Now
    Hardware Pack - Model G65122-B001-W1 $ 35.99 Buy Now
    Char-Broil Classic 6-Burner C-69G5 - Model 463235713 is rated 4.6176 out of 5 by 34.
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love this grill I bought this grill about a year ago. Putting together took two people and the directions were somewhat vague at times, but over all not bad. Since the first time I used this grill I loved it. Now after one season of almost daily use, and having sat in the cold this winter. it is ready to go again. Fired up the first time I went to use it this year and it has gotten a good bit of use already, with no issues. It is big but you learn that you need not fire up all the burners to use it. For the two of us 2 are good and it does a nice job, but it is great to have the flexibility to cook for larger groups if you need to.This is a great grill.
    Date published: 2014-06-10
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Huge Grill. Best bang for the buck. I have had this grill for one year now and it has completely met my expectations. The cooking space is enormous and the heat is pretty evenly distributed. The side closest to you is a little cooler so I generally keep all the meat on the back 2/3. I rarely use the side burner, but the sear burner I have used a handful of times and works pretty well. I think the grill will hold up for several years. With that said, I keep mine covered in the garage because I want it to last. I use it year round (even when it is -20 outside). The side table arms on the grill are tricky to get on and are fairly sturdy, but I would avoid lifting the grill by these at all costs.
    Date published: 2014-06-10
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Back to the Best!!! I have been buying Char-Broil for over 30 years. I purchased a charcoal version last year to try smoking with, but it was not fast enough for a quick steak just for me. I found another gas brand on sale, worse mistake I could have done. The sucker would catch on fire from grease as the lower area to catch drips/stuff was to close to the burners. I am now back with a large area Char-Broil gas version for those quick steaks and cooking large meals when the kids and grandkids are over, which is every Sunday including the Winter. With the charcoal, can cook lots of stuff. Every 4 or 5 years I give my old grills to the kids and get me a brand new one!!! I am sticking with Char-Broil!!!
    Date published: 2014-06-10
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Just what I needed! I got this grill a few months ago as a gift. It was already assembled, so when it comes to assembly i can not comment. I love the cooking space and the storage cabinet underneath. I have yet to use the sear part of the grill, but plan to very soon. Only thing I have a small issue with is the battery operated ignition. It does't light after the first 5 seconds or so, so sometimes i have to use a grill lighter to get it going. I changed out the battery that came with it with a fresh new one and the problem still persists. In all great grill, i love it!
    Date published: 2014-06-11
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Awesome I am really happy with this grill. It was easy to assemble except for the side panels. Some of the holes did not line up in order to install the screws. I used some self tapping screws that I had on hand. I love the size of it. It does take approximately 5 seconds for the other burners to turn on after the initial burner has been turned on. I am a little confused by the dual angular metal rods inside the cabinet. I have removed them and built a little shelf for me to store my items.
    Date published: 2014-06-22
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very well made cooking machine I have had my grill for over a year now I love this grill great for big cookouts or just throwing dinner on I am so glad I went with the grill vs all the others that were there and with the warranty u can beat the price everytime I have talked to customer service it was always great they are very polite and very helpful the parts I need came very fast and we're simple to install I garrantee the next grill will be another charbroil grill try them out I bet u won't regret it at all
    Date published: 2014-06-25
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great and not so great Had this grill 13 months and the grease cup and shield are already rusting even though it is covered and cleaned often. Sear shield works great and the heavy cast iron (no porcelain) grates are the major selling points for me. Although parts were bent or missing out of the box, replacement was fast with no fuss. Except for the rust it would have got a 5. Eventually will have to order a new shield and cup if the rest of the grill lasts.
    Date published: 2014-06-10
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great size I bought this grill a month ago to replace a 7 year old Char-Broil grill. The burners it were cast iron and they finally rusted out from being kept outside in Florida weather. The burners cost as much as a new grill. I saw this 6 burner at Wal-Mart and was impressed. Not only does it have stainless steel burners, but it is large enough to cook the entire meal at the same time. Compared to the other brands I looked at, this one was almost half the price for almost twice the size. The grill went together easily in about a hour. It is quite heavy but the larger wheels makes moving it around easy. And the large drawer style drip pan is great. Makes clean up easy. The only problem I had was finding a grill cover to fit this monster. No body I checked with carry one in stock. It has to be ordered. All in all, this grill does . a great job and I actually enjoy grilling again. Absolutely no regrets.
    Date published: 2014-06-15

    I just purchase this grill and during assembly I noticed that the weight block does not come with it. Is the weight block required as it is part of installation step 5? Should I stop installation and return the grill to the store? Have safety concerns?

    Asked by: atlatl04
    It is ok to go ahead and use your grill without it, however, it is recommended that you have it. Please feel free to contact us so that one of our Certified Grill Specialists can send one to you under warranty! Customer Service Center: 1-800-241-7548 Create a Case:
    Answered by: Alyssa
    Date published: 2014-09-01

    Is this grill classified as a tru infrared grill and used accordingly..

    Asked by: Ed Sepulveda
    This Char-Broil Classic 6-Burner grill is a convection style grill and not a TRU-Infrared grill. Please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 for more information.
    Answered by: DustinR
    Date published: 2014-08-29

    Can a rotisserie be added to this grill?

    Asked by: Myaunty
    This grill can use our universal rotisserie. The item number for the universal rotisserie is 9368102. This rotisserie can be purchased online at for $44.99.
    Answered by: WhitneyC
    Date published: 2014-08-25

    Do sell the grease tray separate mine fell apart if so what is the part number model 463235713

    Asked by: Enrique
    The model specific part number for your grease tray is G651-1200-W1 and is listed at $35.99.
    Answered by: Alyssa
    Date published: 2014-08-15

    I need a replacement bezel/F control knob

    Asked by: Harpinjon
    Your control knob is part G651-0044-W1 for $3.99. Your bezel is part G430-0027-W2 for $2.99. These items can be purchased online at
    Answered by: WhitneyC
    Date published: 2014-07-22

    I'm looking for a replacement burner tube for this grill but can't seem to find a part number for it, I want to make sure I order the right part.

    Asked by: MikeP1234
    Burner G651-C400-W1 is the correct tube burner for your model. It can be purchased online at for $12.99.
    Answered by: WhitneyC
    Date published: 2014-07-22

    Can model 463235713 be converted to natural gas?

    Asked by: Scotttate
    Model 463235713 cannot be converted to natural gas. It is designed to be used only with the supplied regulator/valve assembly and LP (propane) gas.
    Answered by: AlyssaCB
    Date published: 2014-07-12