Three-Burner Porcelain Grill With Sideburner Model 463320110

Model # 463320110

Note: This item may not be available for sale but is still supported by Char-Broil. Replacement Parts can be found on the tabs below.

Quick Overview

Affordable commercial grade luxury gas grill at a great price.  Efficient gas cooking system provides a wide range of heat to four primary stainless steel burners with 40,000 BTUs; Includes Secondary Side burner that gives and additional 10,000 BTUs of cooking power from intense heat to low-and-slow.


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The Char-Broil® 3-Burner Black Porcelain Gas Grill with Sideburner features a cart design that is easy to move and position with 8 inch wheels. The grill is powered by three stainless steel tube burners running front to back and pushing 40,000 BTUs to heat a comfortably large 420 square inches of primary cooking area that is complimented by an additional 176 square inches of secondary cooking space. The side shelf reveals a 10,000 BTU flush mounted side burner and all of the burners are fired by an easy push of the button with electronic ignition. The stainless steel look is accomplished through a blend of stainless steel and black painted steel.

  • Three-burner Black Porcelain Grill with Sideburner
  • 40,000 BTU stainless steel burners
  • 10,000 BTU flush-mounted, covered sideburner
  • 420 sq in porcelain cooking grates
  • 176 sq in porcelain swingaway warming rack
  • Black porcelain lid and firebox
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Silver painted control panel and fascias with black sideshelves
  • Electronic ignition
  • Hood-mounted temperature gauge
  • 8" wheels 


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    ***Express delivery not available
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    Replacement Parts

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    Call Tag Part Name Price Each View Item
    A LEFT LEG ASSEMBLY not available
    AA Char-Broil Gas Grill Right Side Shelf - Model G430-1500-W1 $ 25.99 Buy Now
    B Match Holder With Chain - Model G401-0079-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
    BB FASCIA, F/RIGHT SHELF not available
    C RIGHT LEG ASSEMBLY not available
    CC Char-Broil Gas Grill Sideburner Shelf - Model G430-1600-W1 $ 26.99 Buy Now
    D Axle Rod - Model G430-0007-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
    DD Drip Pan For Sideburner - Model G431-0005-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
    E Gas Grill 8-Inch Wheel - Model G210-0018-W1 $ 5.99 Buy Now
    EE Char-Broil Sideburner Lid - Model G430-0018-W1 $ 15.99 Buy Now
    F Leg Extender - Model G431-0004-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
    G Lower Back Brace - Model G431-0031-W1 $ 5.99 Buy Now
    GG Char-Broil Replacement Sideburner - Model G431-1500-W1 $ 15.99 Buy Now
    H FRONT PANEL not available
    HH Sideburner Electrode - Model G431-0034-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
    I TOP LID not available
    II Ignitor Wire For Sideburner - Model G430-5303-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    J Grill Logo Plate - Model G305-0008-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
    JJ BBQ Grill Sideburner Grid - Model G405-0004-W1 $ 8.99 Buy Now
    K TEMPERATURE GAUGE $ 7.99 Buy Now
    KK TANK EXCLUSION WIRE not available
    L Bezel For Temperature Gauge - Model G404-0034-W1 $ 3.99 Buy Now
    LL Porcelain Heat Tent - Model G430-0005-W1 $ 9.99 Buy Now
    M Handle For Top Lid - Model G413-0001-W1 $ 15.99 Buy Now
    MM Porcelain Grill Cooking Grate - Model G431-1700-W1 $ 41.99 Buy Now
    N Char-Broil Bumper For Main Lid - Model G430-00B8-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    NN Swingaway Grid - Model G431-0032-W1 $ 18.99 Buy Now
    O Char-Broil Bumper For Grill Lid - G303-0038-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    OO Button For Electronic Ignition Module - Model G409-0030-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    P Top Lid Hardware - Model G430-0024-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
    PP Grease Cup Clip - Model G305-0043-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    Q FIREBOX not available
    QQ Grease Cup - Model G430-0033-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    R Main Tube Burner Tube - Model G431-0300-W2 $ 15.99 Buy Now
    RR Tank Retainer - Model G306-0020-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    T Carryover Tube - Model G413-0004-W2 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    U MAIN CONTROL PANEL not available
    V Electronic Ignition Module - Model G409-0021-W1 $ 12.99 Buy Now
    W Heat Shield For Electronic Module - Model G430-0013-W1 $ 5.99 Buy Now
    X HOSE VALVE REGULATOR not available
    Y Bezel For Control Knob - Model G430-0027-W2 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    Z Control Knob - Model G401-0023-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    Retainer Clip - Model G405-0019-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    Char-Broil 3-Burner Assembly Manual - G431-160801-W1 $ 6.99 Buy Now
    Char-Broil 3-Burner Gas Grill Assembly Manual (French) - G431-160802-W1 $ 6.99 Buy Now
    HARDWARE PACK not available