Why Isn't My Gas Grill Heating Evenly?

Gas grills generally provide fairly even heat, but it is normal for there to be a slight temperature variance between the different areas of the grill. But, if you notice that part of your grill is either not heating or over-heating, there’s something wrong.

There are a few reasons why your gas grill may have uneven heat.

Blocked Burners - Gas grill burners have several ports along the sides where the gas flows through to produce the flame. When the grease and food drippings fall down the grates, the drippings can clog the ports so the gas can’t flow properly. You can try cleaning the burner by using a grill brush to remove the drippings from the inside and outside of the burners. If the burners are too clogged, you may need to replace the burners.

Greasy Flame Tamers – Flame tamers cover the burners on a gas grill. They protect the grill burners from the bulk of grease and food drippings; they also infuse your food with flavor as the drippings heat up and create smoke. When the buildup is too thick, the flame tamers can cause flare-ups and uneven cooking. You can clean the flame tamers with a good brush, but if the buildup to too thick, you should replace the flame tamers. (Flame tamers are also known as vaporizer bars, heat shields, heat diffusers and flavorizer bars.)

Rusty Heat Tents – Heat tents (also known as flame tamers) work best when they are clean. Those that are rusted can cause flare-ups and uneven heat distribution. You can remove light, surface rust. But if the heat tents have moderate to thick rust, you should go ahead and replace them.

Bad Regulator – If you’ve replaced the burners and the heat shields, but you’re still having problems with uneven heat, the propane regulator may be bad. The regulator controls the flow of propane to the burners- the more propane, the hotter the heat. But, if the regulator becomes clogged with dirt, bugs or other outdoor debris, the propane flow will be limited, causing the burner heat to vary. Clean out the regulator. If your grill is still heating unevenly, go ahead and replace the regulator.

Proper grill cleaning and maintenance can reduce problems that you may experience with a gas grill. If you’re experiencing uneven heat on your grill, take extra maintenance to a few places on your grill. All else fails, you may need to replace the parts to ensure that your grill is working properly.