Why does the finish on my outdoor fireplace look different from when I purchased it?

Copper, Stainless Steel and other Metallic Surfaces

Copper, stainless steel and other metallic surfaces often found on outdoor fireplaces can patina, change color, and blacken with exposure to outdoor conditions, heat, and smoke. This is a natural occurrence that will result in a finish that is unique to your fireplace. If desired, these effects can be reduced by cleaning these surfaces regularly after each use with soap, water, and an appropriate metal polish.

Painted Steel and Cast Iron Surfaces

Comparable to the patina effect of copper and bronze, a natural protective rust coating can form on painted steel and cast iron outdoor fireplaces to create an antique finish. Outdoor fireplaces that feature a porcelain finish can develop rust on the screens over time. If desired, high-temperature paint can be used to restore the original finish.