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Why is the breaker tripping on electric smoker

Since 1971 the National Electric Code (NEC) has required Ground Fault Interrupter (GFCI) devices on all outdoor circuits.

• If your residence was built before 1971, check with a qualified electrician to determine if a Ground Fault Interrupter protector exists.

• Do not use this appliance if the circuit does not have GFI protection.

• Do not plug this appliance into an indoor circuit.

• Do not plug more than one appliance into the outdoor circuit.

The best way to determine if your outdoor circuit has the correct amperes to operate your appliance is to use the information listed on the rating label of your appliance. The label will have the watts and volts listed. To find the amperes use the following formula: Watts divided by Volts = Amperes. For example 330 watts / 120 volts = 2.75 amperes. Check with your local electrician to see if your outdoor circuit has the correct ampere rating to match your appliance.

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