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Flame & Flow Troubleshooting
Preventing low flames on your gas grill
Testing your grill for a leak
Flames blow out because excess flow valve tripped
Low flow with natural gas
No gas flow
Yellow flames instead of blue
Sudden drop in gas flow
Flames blow out because you are low on fuel
Flames blow out because of wind
Bad propane tank connection
Gas Regulator Tripped
Incorrect Burner Issue
Gas Grill FAQs
Preventing and stopping grease fires
When your gas grill makes a humming sound
Grill isn't heating or cooking properly
Attaching Your Propane Tank to Your Grill
How to Light a Gas Grill Manually
Lighting & Igniting Troubleshooting
Wires are sparking between igniter and electrode
Light Gas Grill with a Match
Match will not reach burners
Why won't my gas grill light?
How to Light a Gas Grill Manually
Incorrect Burner Issue