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Char-Broil Commercial Modular Stovetop - Model 463240613

Model # 463240613

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Quick Overview

Char-Broil® Commercial Series™ Grills are sold exclusively at Lowes.

This Char-Broil outdoor stovetop that has twice the power of a standard sideburner. The reversible, heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grate has multiple uses- low country boils, fish fries, warming sauces and more. It magnetically connects to any full-size 2013 Char-Broil Commercial Series grill, or can be used as a standalone backyard cooker.

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Product Specifications

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Product Description

Char-Broil Flex Cart Modular Outdoor Stove Top.

  • Fully-enclosed cart, holds a 20 lb propane tank or convert your Griddle to natural gas and never have another empty tank.
  • 22,000 BTUs brings more cooking versatility to your patio than a standard side burner.
  • Stainless steel lid, door, handle and knob.
  • Great for frying fish, low country boils, stir-frying veggies or just warming sauces.
  • Magnetically connects to any full-size 2013 Char-Broil Commercial Series, sold exclusively at Lowe's, or use it as a standalone backyard cooker.
  • Surefire electronic ignition makes lighting a snap.
  • Can also be used as a stand alone stove top.
  • Large heavy duty porcelain cast iron grate.
  • Stove top grate is reversible to handle a large pot or wok.
  • Dual Fuel convertible to natural gas with the Dual Fuel Natural Gas Conversion Kit, sold separately.
  • Measures Approximately: 29.5" L x 26" W x 19.75" H.


  • Replacement Parts

    Replacement Parts

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    Call Tag Part Name Price Each View Item
    A Top Lid - Model G250-0100-W1 $ 35.99 Buy Now
    AA ELECTRONIC IGNITION MODULE - G214-0008-W1 $ 12.99 Buy Now
    B Ruber Bumber, Lid - Model G501-0066-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    BB Cap For EI Module - G318-0010-W2 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    C Firebox - Model G250-0600-W1 $ 69.99 Buy Now
    CC Tank Exclusion- Model G250-0019-W1 $ 5.99 Buy Now
    D Burner - Model G250-0700-W1 $ 39.99 Buy Now
    E ELECTRODE, F/ BURNER - G250-0021-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
    F Control Panel - Model G250-0007-W1 $ 19.99 Buy Now
    G Hose, Valve, and Regulator Assembly - Model G250-4300-W1 $ 49.99 Buy Now
    H Bezel For Control Knob - Model G354-0022-W1 $ 3.99 Buy Now
    I Control Knob - Model G501-5800-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
    K Top Lid Hinge- Model G250-0002-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    L Top Lid Hinge, Bent - Model G250-0003-W1 $ 4.99 Buy Now
    M Modular Stovetop Grate - Model G250-0028-W1 $ 39.99 Buy Now
    N Left Side Cart Panel - Model G250-0012-W1 $ 39.99 Buy Now
    O Door Magnet- Model G527-0037-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    P Magnet Assembly - Model G250-5100-W1 $ 35.99 Buy Now
    Q Right Side Cart Panel - Model G250-0014-W1 $ 39.99 Buy Now
    R Bottom Shelf - Model G250-0500-W1 $ 49.99 Buy Now
    S Tank Screw For Bottom Shelf - Model G505-0047-W1 $ 2.99 Buy Now
    T Caster, Locking - Model G350-0023-W1 $ 6.99 Buy Now
    U Caster, Fixed - Model G350-0024-W1 $ 6.99 Buy Now
    V Cart Lower Back Panel - Model G250-0015-W1 $ 8.99 Buy Now
    W FRONT BRACE - G250-7000-W1 $ 12.99 Buy Now
    X Door No Handle - Model G250-8000-W1 $ 49.99 Buy Now
    Y Grill Cabinet Door Handle - Modle G501-0078-W1 $ 13.99 Buy Now
    Z MATCH HOLDER $ 5.99 Buy Now
    Bent U Pin For Caster - Model G350-0026-W1 $ 1.39 Buy Now
    Natural Gas Orifice Kit - G250-0027-W1 $ 12.99 Buy Now
    ASSEMBLY MANUAL, ENGLISH - G250-020801-W1 $ 6.99 Buy Now
    ASSEMBLY MANUAL, SPANISH - G250-020802-W1 $ 6.99 Buy Now
    HARDWARE PACK - G250-B002-W1 $ 35.99 Buy Now