Kita Roberts
"Girl Carnivore"

Food blogging for five years, Kita Roberts authors and photographs meat-centered Girl Carnivore recipes on her personal site, Pass the Sushi, and lands features with media outlets like Bon Appetit Online, Huffington Post and various food magazines. Aside from her passion for great food, Kita enjoys traveling and frequents local dive bars, scoping out the next big thing on her local scene.

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How to Know When Steak is Done

It’s the age old question that comes up every time you grill a steak: How do you know when steak is done? If you’ve ever grilled a steak, you’ve probably had the urge to flip it “just one more time” or cut through the middle to make sure it isn’t raw… after all, who wants Read More »

How to Grill Frozen Steak

We all have those days. You know, the ones where you’re stuck behind a desk and can’t help but day dream about blue skies, warm sun and grilling up that juicy steak waiting  in the fridge at home. Now, imagine getting to the end of one of those days, braving a traffic-filled commute back home but know Read More »

Best Tips & Tricks for Grilled Fruit, Starches & Veggies

Farmer’s market season is here, which means there’s an abundance of fresh produce. And, fresh produce just so happens to be one of the quickest—and healthiest—ways to round out a meal. The splash of color they add also make the meal look as good as it tastes. But, if you want to grill them, how Read More »

Girl Carnivore’s Top 5 Burger Secrets

  It’s no secret I’m a HUGE burger fan. Every year, I throw a month-long #NationalBurgerMonth Competition, celebrating burgers’ juicy goodness while challenging the online foodie community to take their burger creations to the next level. But, where do these grillers begin? In my opinion, the perfect burger builds on the basics. Once those are nailed Read More »

Zonal Cooking Tips & Tricks

When it comes to figuring out how to have multiple sides ready simultaneously, there’s a lot of conflicting advice out there. In my experience, zonal cooking is the best method of approach because it enables me to concurrently cook a variety of foods with different cook times and temperature needs. You’re probably wondering, “Ok, so Read More »

Smoked Pork Crown Roast with a Sage Pan Gravy

Anyone can smoke a bird (though, we highly recommend it and would love for you to try it), but how many times have you seen a stunning crown roast outside of childhood cartoons. This holiday classic is cut from the loin of the pork, the ribs, with the rib bones carefully frenched and cut to Read More »

Quick BBQ Chicken with Grilled Apples

There is something about grilling over charcoal that leads people to believe it takes hours. That’s not really the case at all. With the quick light of our Halftime Chimney Starter and the even heat of the Kettleman grill grates, cooking over the coals on a busy weeknight is a breeze. This char-grilled BBQ chicken Read More »

Smoked Corn on the Cob

Smoking isn’t just for big cuts of meat, though, let’s be honest, it is pretty darn amazing at bringing out the top flavors after a long slow cook of just about every cut of meat. It’s also a versatile tool for prepping all varieties of foods with it’s signature hardwood flavor. At our Char-Broil Nights Read More »

The Best Meats to Smoke

The whole world of barbecue is built around undesirable cuts of meat. The cuts that were too tough or chewy for regular cooking. Not surprisingly, these “cheap” cuts are harder to master and, now that they have gained popularity for the weekend bbq warrior, are also hard on the pocketbook. When it comes to testing Read More »

Bacon Maple Grilled Potato Salad

What is better than a backyard barbecue, burgers, brews, and a pile of crispy bacon to top everything off? From burgers, dogs, and even sides, bacon is the ultimate barbecue side dish – the bonus ingredient that puts everything over the top. Sprinkle a little over your deviled eggs, wrap a freshly smoked sausage in Read More »