Big Easy® Smoked Ribs Recipe

Smoked Ribs
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Yes, you can smoke ribs in the Big Easy.  Try some of these tips to make magical pork ribs.

Big Easy Smoked Ribs

Start out with quality ribs. Rub them down with a seasoning mixture of 50% organic cane sugar and leave them in the fridge overnight. Take them out and bring them up to room temperature.

Prepare ribs for Char-Boil Big Easy

Put pellets in the smoker box and preheated the Big Easy  on setting 15 for 15 minutes. Cut the slabs into smaller portions to fit in the racks. Drop the basket in and cut the setting back to #8 and close the lid. After about 30 minutes it may stop smoking, take the basket out and crank it back up to the ‘C’ setting until it really starts smoking. (‘C’ is for cleaning and it goes beyond the temperature on setting 15.) Drop the basket back in and cut the temperature to #8 again.

Cut the slabs into smaller portions to fit in the racks for the basket.

It takes around 2 hours for the ribs to get color and “crust.” Then wrap the ribs in foil with some brown sugar coating, Agave syrup and some unprocessed honey. Then   slide the foil packs into a 300°F oven for about an hour. Let them cool down a bit before enjoying them.

Big Easy Smoked Ribs