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CONNECTIVITY - After completing the network set up, the DADO light is off and smoker icon does not appear in dashboard.

This is either a delay in communication between the router and the smoker or a range issue between the router and smoker.  When the DADO light is off it means your smoker recognizes your home wifi network, but cannot consistently communicate with the cloud.

DADO Light (Off) DADO Light (Off)


  1. • Allow up to five minutes for the router and the smoker to establish a connection. If the DADO light remains off, it is likely a range issue.
  2. • Consult network set up tips to be sure your smoker is set up properly and within range of your router
    1.       - You may have to move your router to create a more unobstructed and shorter path between the router and the smoker. Try to avoid dense wall materials like brick and cement, and if you cannot avoid them, try to create a clear line of sight to the router through windows or doors.
    2.       - It is critical to point the control panel of the smoker in the direction of the router.
  3. • If reconfiguring your network set up or moving your smoker closer to the router does not work please call customer service at 1-866-239-6777

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