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CONNECTIVITY - Smoker is connected to network but my smoker icon doesn’t show up.

How to Refresh the Dashboard Screen

  1. • When first connecting, it may take a moment for the smoker icon to appear in the dashboard so allow a few minutes.
  2. • Refresh the dashboard – to do this, In the app dashboard screen, Swipe down until you see the “loading icon” a the top of the dashboard. Refresh the dashboard after each following fix.
  3. • Verify that your smart device is on the same wifi network that your smoker is configured. This is very important if you have multiple wifi networks in your home.
  4. • Terminate or close the app and reopen it (don't just minimize it)
  5. • Push the DADO button – this resends your smoker information to your router.
  6. • Power the smoker off and on by unplugging the unit and then plugging it back in.
  7. • If these solutions do not help you please call customer service at 1-866-239-6777 for further assistance.

Refreshing Dashboard Screen

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