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CONNECTIVITY - Smoker Offline

There are two situations in which you can encounter an offline smoker after the initial network configuration is successful.


Before you start to cook – This is indicated by a gray smoker icon in the dashboard.   If you tap the gray dashboard icon, you will go to a gray home screen for the cooker with word “offline” under the cooker icon.  You will see this if your smoker is not powered on.  If you continue to see this situation after the smoker is powered on, consult the fixes below.



Offline Smoker Screen


Offline Home Screen Offline Home Screen



Once a cook has started – Once the cook is underway, it is possible for the smoker to lose connection with the cloud.  This will inhibit your ability to monitor or edit your cook.  This is typically temporary and will not effect the cook that is running because it’s parameters are locally stored on your smoker.  If the Offline state persists through out your cook, consult the fixes below.


  1. • Consult network set up tips to be sure your smoker is set up properly and within range of your router
    1.       - When setting up your smoker, try to avoid dense wall materials like brick and cement, and if you cannot avoid them, try to create a clear line of sight to the router through windows or doors.
  2. • Be sure your have the latest app version.
  3. • Be sure you have the latest firmware installed.
  4. • Close app and reopen it.
  5. • If these solutions do not help you please call customer service at 1-866-239-6777 for further assistance.

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