Basic Bourbon Glaze

Basic Bourbon Glaze


Great bourbon flavors shine when bourbon is added to food. Its sweetness compliments desserts, adding layers of depth. The caramels and spices work well with savory dishes, adding a bit of sweetness, too. The depth of flavor works well in sauces. Bourbon especially compliments pork and chicken, but can work great with beef and fish.

A basic bourbon ...

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cup bourbon, such as Larceny, 1793, Old Forrester
cup molasses



Combine bourbon and molasses in a sauce pan and simmer over low heat until the volume is half the original and the mixture is thickened.


Remove and cool. Refrigeration isn't required.


When adding to dishes, add salt and pepper, chipotle or cayenne, to change the glaze for different dishes and just to try some variety.

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  • Linny | Aug 1, 2019

    I was wondering if this could be mixed with BBQ Sauce it is definitely to strong for use this way. Also can this glaze be frozen ?

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    • Char-Broil | Aug 2, 2019

      Absolutely. If the glaze is too strong for your taste, BBQ sauce would go well with the bourbon and molasses. While you can store the glaze in the freezer, molasses will not freeze solid.

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