Savory Brisket

Savory Brisket


I’ve always professed that you can make great barbecue on any equipment. It’s about technique, temperature and time and not whether you have 8-inch-thick cast iron walls on your $10,000 smoker.

Except for brisket…

Brisket was my line in the barbecue sandbox, so to speak, that I insisted had to be done old school or not at all.

So when Char-Broil assig...

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brisket, flat
cup brown mustard
For the rub
cup cumin
cup chili powder
cup paprika
cup kosher salt
For the mop
cup worcestershire sauce
cup water
cup brown sugar

Ingredient Tips

Picking out your brisket
When choosing a brisket flat, pick the one with the most fat. Not only does that mean more flavor, the fat protects the brisket from drying out during the long cook time.
Cooking the whole pack
You may choose to purchase the "whole packer" brisket, but it will add a few hours to the cook time.
Smoking it up
You can get a good smoke with pellets or wood chips directly on the grill or in a foil pouch.


Takes 10 hours, 30 minutes (30 minutes prep, 10 hours cook)

A brisket takes time, about 8-10 hours for a flat and 14 hours for a whole packer so before you begin, decide whether you want to smoke it overnight, as I did, or wake early and smoke it during the day.


Preheat your TRU-Infrared grill on high with the lid down for 10 minutes. Add pellets or dry wood chips in a small pile on the back left corner. Keep the lid down and prep the brisket while the grill gets smoky.


Pat the brisket dry with paper towels, then slather mustard all over.


Let the brisket sit for 10-15 minutes before adding the rub. This helps it adhere to the meat.


Mix the cumin, chili powder, paprika and kosher salt. Sprinkle evenly over meat.


Turn down both burners to medium and place the brisket on one side. Put the lid down and let it sear on direct heat for 15 minutes. Flip and repeat.


Add more pellets or wood chips if needed.


Turn off the burner directly below the brisket and turn the other burner (or burners) down as low as they can go. Make sure the fatty side is face up and smoke indirectly with the lid down for one hour.


Prepare the mop by combining the Worcestershire sauce, water and brown sugar.


After one hour, mop the brisket and turn clockwise (not over) so as to rotate which side is closest to direct heat.


Mop, add pellets and repeat every hour for two more hours.


If you are smoking over night, put the brisket on the top rack, mop once more, close the lid and get some shuteye. Set your alarm for 5-6 hours (or enlist the morning person in your household to do this task) and upon waking, mop the brisket again, wrap it in foil and keep it on the top rack for another two hours.


The brisket will be done when it reads 185-190 degrees in the thickest part of the meat with a thermometer. Another test I do is to push it gently. If it pushes back, it isn't done. If it sinks in a little, like a strong poke with push through, it's done.


Rest for 30 minutes before slicing.

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