Chipotle Molasses Baby Back Ribs

Chipotle Molasses Baby Back Ribs

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For the Ribs
racks baby back ribs
1 1/2
cups apple cider vinegar
cherry and oak wood chips, for smoking
For the Dry Rub
cup brown sugar
tablespoons salt
1 1/2
teaspoons chipotle powder
teaspoons onion powder
teaspoons paprika
For the Chipotle-Molasses BBQ Sauce
tablespoons tomato paste
cup tomato sauce
cup white vinegar
cup molasses
chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, minced
tablespoon dry rub
juice from 1 lemon wedge



Preheat your smoker to 225°F.


With a butter knife and paper towels, Insert butter knife under rib rack membrane and a bone. Lift knife to separate membrane from bone, grip membrane with paper towels and pull off ribs until completely removed.


Combine dry rub ingredients in a bowl and mix with fingers until lump-free. Apply rub to both sides of each rib rack.


Place cherry and oak wood chips in smoke box and ribs in smoker. Cook for 3 hours at 225°F.

Hot Tip: Occasionally spray ribs with apple cider vinegar to keep moist.

Wrap ribs in aluminum foil and cook for 2 more hours at 225°F.


In a saucepan, combine all Chipotle Molasses BBQ Sauce ingredients and simmer for 10 minutes.


Remove the ribs from aluminum foil and coat generously with barbecue sauce. Let smoker reach 300°F, uncover ribs, place back in smoker and smoke for 1 more hour.


Remove ribs from your smoker and let rest for 15 minutes before serving.

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  • Suzcalhoun | Oct 10, 2018

    Can you do this in the oven??

    This was Helpful (0)
    • Shelby Hood | Oct 18, 2018

      Most likely, yes. However, we recommend cooking as directed in the instructions for best results.

      This was Helpful (0)
  • Michael K. | Mar 28, 2019

    Could you do this on a TrueInfrared grill?

    This was Helpful (0)
    • Char-Broil | Sep 5, 2019

      You could make these ribs on a TRU-Infrared grill with some wood chips on the grate or in a smoker box. You'll want to monitor the temperature closely to keep it low and slow.

      This was Helpful (0)
  • MTM | Oct 16, 2019

    When we wrap the ribs in step 5, we continue cooking withOUT more smoking since the smoke can’t penetrate the foil, right? Sorry if that’s supposed to be obvious but of all the smoking recipes that wrap in foil or butcher paper, they never say to stop the smoke. Thanks.

    This was Helpful (0)
    • Char-Broil | Oct 17, 2019

      You don't necessarily need to stop the smoke. The smoke won't penetrate the foil, but one of the great things about butcher paper is that the smoke will penetrate it.

      This was Helpful (0)
  • Smokin Jay | Feb 14, 2020

    Can I use this method with the bullet smoker?

    This was Helpful (0)
    • Char-Broil | Feb 14, 2020

      Yes you can. Smoke on, Smokin Jay! Let us know how they turn out.

      This was Helpful (0)
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