Grilled Brats

Grilled Brats


These Grilled Brats are grilled first and then simmered in a seasoned mix of onions and beer. By grilling them first, the flavors inside the brat concentrate so they can absorb the seasoning without losing their amazing original flavor.

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Serves 5
For the Brew Vide
large sweet onion, sliced into wedges
tablespoons butter
teaspoon roasted garlic paste or 2 cloves minced
12-ounce light beer, room temperature
teaspoon coarse ground black pepper
salt to taste
For the Brats
1 1/4
pounds bratwurst sausages
hard rolls or hot dog buns
toppings of your choice


Prep: 20 Minutes, Cook: 40 Minutes

Preheat grill to 300-350°F.

Hot Tip: For best results, make sure grates are clean, preheated and lightly oiled.

Rest the brats at room temperature for about 15-20 minutes before grilling.


Place onions, butter, garlic, beer, pepper and a few pinches of salt in the steam pan for the brew vide.


Place brats on the grill and grill for 20 minutes, flipping them about every 5 minutes. Handle carefully to avoid rupturing the sausage’s casing.

Hot Tip: Use the upper cooking grate if your grill runs a little too hot.

Place the steam pan on the grill and set the brats in the steam pan. Close the lid and cook for 20 minutes. The brew vide should start simmering after 5 minutes or so. Don't let it reach a full boil. If it starts to simmer rapidly, reduce the heat immediately.


When brats are fully cooked, remove the steam pan from grill. Serve on buns with your favorite toppings.

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  • I used mild Italians | Oct 6, 2019

    Can use a cast iron skillet for a steam tray

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