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FIRMWARE – Notification “Firmware update unsuccessful” OR "firmware update is available or required."

When doing the firmware update, the smoker requires a strong, consistent wifi signal.   While the update is in process, the light ring should be green with a yellow light fluttering around the ring rapidly.

  1. • Be sure to monitor the smoker the entire time the firmware installing process is on going. This should only take about 5 mins.  You’ll be required to push the rapidly flashing DADO button multiple times during the update.  If you fail to push the DADO button the firmware update will fail and the process will have to be repeated.
  2. • The firmware update needs to download information from the cloud and install it on your smoker so it requires a strong and constant wifi signal. A spotty signal will cause the update to fail.  Consult network set up tips to be sure your smoker is set up properly and within range of your router.
    1.       - When setting up your smoker, try to avoid dense wall materials like brick and cement, and if you cannot avoid them, try to create a clear line of sight to the router through windows or doors.
  3. • Be sure your have the latest app version.
  4. • If you are unable to find a location that works, you can bring your smoker to your router to complete firmware updates and bring it back outside when the update is complete.
  5. • If these solutions do not help you please call customer service at 1-866-239-6777 for further assistance.

DADO Button (Rapid flashing when it needs to be pushed during update) DADO Button (Rapid flashing when it needs to be pushed during update)

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