Tips for Healthy Grilling

There’s nothing quite like grilling in the great outdoors. You get to feel those cool breezes on your skin, and soak up some warm sunny rays while breathing in the smoky aromas of delicious food hot off your Char-Broil grill. Ah, yes. It’s heaven on earth. And while taste is what matters to most people, health also tops the list. And, you’re in luck because there are many things you can do to make your outdoor grilling experience not only fun and tasty, but healthy too.

Here are some healthy grilling tips to keep in mind:

  • Be lean and mean. Choose leaner cuts of meat and trim off any excess fat. For example, a four-ounce porterhouse has more fat than a four-ounce top sirloin; and a 4-ounce leaner pork cut (pork tenderloin) is better than its higher-fat pork cut (pork chop whole loin) counterpart. And, skinless chicken breasts are a healthier choice than chicken wings.  While many will argue that fat equals flavor, just use your common sense and think – moderation.    

  • Don’t burn. Avoid charring meat. The charred pieces are covered in carcinogens. Char-Broil’s Infrared grills are a surefire way to make sure you never burn a piece of meat again because these grills reduce flare ups. If your meat or fish has burnt parts, remove them before eating.  

  • Focus on sides. Add some colorful vegetables or even fruit to your grill. Fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat and usually only require a short time over a little heat to gain great flavor. Try some red or yellow peppers, steak-like Portobello mushrooms, eggplant, red onion, juicy pineapple or colorful mango pieces. All of these will stand up well to the grill and many of Char-Broil’s grill have ample grilling space so you can spread out with ease. All of these fruits and vegetables will make a healthy addition to any plate.

  • Marinate first. Marinating meats not only makes them tastier, it makes them healthier for you too. Experiment with different mixtures of oil, vinegar, herbs and spices. Some research shows that marinades actually create a protective barrier between the meat’s proteins and the heat of the grill. Marinades that contain lemon or orange juice contain antioxidants that can also boost their healthy value. Marinades with thyme, rosemary and oregano can stabilize natural sugars in the meat and reduce free radicals.

  • Keep it clean. A clean grill is a healthy grill. So, keep a sturdy grill brush nearby. Many of Char-Broil’s grills have a handy place to hang your brush. It’s a good idea to give a good brush before and after you grill your food. Your food will taste better too.
  • Don’t supersize. Think small, but grill big. Instead of making ½-pound burger patties, make quarter pounders and top them with some grilled veggies. Grill some beef kabobs, but alternate the beef with vegetables. And, instead of grilling whole sausages, cut them in half and serve them with some grilled corn. (Skip the butter; the taste of the grilled corn alone with a little spray of oil will do the trick.)


So, next time you head out to your Char-Broil grill, try to incorporate one or more of these healthy grilling tips.