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How to inspect your propane tank seal?

Propane Tank Seal Inspection

Click for PDF Instructions: Propane Tank Seal Inspection

  • Inspect the LP gas cylinder valve rubber seal for cracks, wear or deterioration prior to each use. A damaged rubber seal can cause a gas leak, possibly resulting in an explosion, fire, or severe bodily harm.
  • It is recommended that you inspect the rubber seal each time the LP gas cylinder is connected to the appliance, each time it has been refilled, or if it has not been used for more than 60 days.
  • DO NOT use a LP gas cylinder with a damaged rubber seal. The rubber seal CANNOT be repaired or replaced. Purchase a new cylinder or exchange the cylinder. You should inspect the seal before accepting a new or exchanged cylinder. DO NOT insert tools or foreign objects into the cylinder valve opening as this could damage the rubber seal.
  • The leak check procedure outlined in the product guide/assembly manual MUST be followed each time the LP gas cylinder is connected to the appliance. Consult the product guide/assembly manual for the proper procedure and locations for leak checking.

Propane Tank Seal Good vs. Damaged

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