Best Types of Fish for Grilling

Best Types of Fish for Grilling

Best Types of Fish for Grilling

Move over hotdogs and hamburgers, there's a new favorite cookout food in town. Grilled fish is a healthy and delicious cookout staple. But some fish does better on the grill than others. Popular food sites like Tablespoon and The Kitchn both agree that the following 5 types of fish are the best for grilling.



Swordfish is a firm fish that holds up on the grill. If you're looking for grill marks, swordfish is the way to go. It has a slightly sweet taste and pairs with almost anything.



Mahi-mahi has a mild and sweet flavor and tastes great grilled. However, it's easy to overcook it. According to the Hawaii Seafood Council, cook it until it begins to flake and then remove it from the grill.



Snapper is a popular fish that, when cooked whole, hold up well on the grill. Cooking snapper with the skin on helps keep it from overcooking. Snapper is mildly sweet with a firm texture.



You've probably eaten salmon numerous times, but if you've never tried grilling it, you're missing out. This healthy fish has a great flavor that goes well with a variety of spices.



Step aside canned tuna, tuna steaks are about to be your new summer staple. They taste great when grilled and you can place them directly on the grill grates without worrying about them falling apart.